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VBU students’ union elections in Jan 2018

| | Hazaribagh | in Ranchi

Vinoba Bhave University Hazaribagh today anounced  the much awaited notification for students’ union elelctions in the university. Registrar Dr. BP Rukhaiyar issued  a detailed election programme for the students’ union on Thursday.

According to PRO Prof. Pramod Kumar,  the elections for 2017-18 session will be held as per the recommendations of Lyngdoh Committee. The process will start on December 18 with the publication of voters list in the colleges. Since Koylanchal University Dhanbad has already been notified by Government in its gazette, the colleges of Dhanbad and Bokaro districts will be excluded rom this process, he said.

According to the notification, voting and counting of college level election will take place on January 10, while of university level students’ union voting and counting will take place on January 19.

For college level election, after the publication of electoral roll, objections will be entertained till 4 pm of December 21 and final electoral roll will be published on December 23. Filing of nomination papers for college level election will take place on January 3, scrutiny will be done on January 4 and final list of candidates will be published on January 5 by colleges. January 6 is the scheduled date for withdrawing candidature. The candidates can campaign till 1pm of  January 9 and on January 10 voting will take place from 9 am to 3 pm and counting will start from 4 pm till announcement of results.

The process for university level students’ union election will start on 12th January with publication of voters list in which the names of winners of different colleges will be included. On 13th January the candidates can file their nomination papers between 1pm to 5pm at university headquarter.

On 15th scrutiny will take place at 12 noon and publication of final list will take place at 2pm. Candidates can withdraw their names by 1pm of 16th January the campaigning will end at 2pm of 18th January. On 19th voters can cast their franchise between 9am to 2pm and from 3pm counting process will start.

Last year the student union election of this university was completed in the end of month of December but this year due to partition of the university it has been delayed.The student organizations were demanding early election but the university administration was waiting for the green signal of the government.




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