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Young minds catching business prospects with Start-Up initiative

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Had these ideas been presented a decade ago in the State or probably in many other parts of country,, many of them could have been fairly, and rightly so, dropped as utterly premature in nature.

Thankfully, almost all of around three-dozen ideas presented during Y4BIZ (Youth for Business) programme in the city by the US Consulate (Kolkata) and a Kolkata-based social enterprise Contact Base, have not only been appreciated as excellent ones but also present such a vibrant business environment in State a decade down the line which could comfortably overshadow Jharkhand’s image as mineral exporter.

Agriculture, automobile, design and fashion, education, environment, food and nutrition, health, IT, Internet of Things (IoT), social welfare, e-commerce, transport, waste management and what not, the ideas presented and competing with one another to be groomed under Texas University programme has left  the Government contented with whatever it has presented in its Start-Up policy document released in 2016.

One of the best suitable examples of this among many others is Animesh Mishra led Jharkhand Labour Management System (JLMS) which is an online service and employability scheme for labour class of Jharkhand. This Start-Up plans to provide on demand labour online within 10-50 minutes in Ranchi and few other cities. Same is the Lexicon which aims to provide medical help to victims of accidents on Jharkhand highways, using mobile phone and Internet technologies. In this system, exact location of the accident site will be transmitted to the nearest medical centers.

“Good thing is that fresh business ideas have come pouring in from almost every segment, be it product-based or service-based from sectors ranging from agriculture to nutrition and healthcare to education. It is overwhelming to see young minds spending so much time in getting everything about their ideas in place so that it could emerge as one of the leading business houses in as early as next decade,” said IT and e-Gov Department Director UP Shah whose department in collaboration with IIM(A) is providing whole lot of assistance to promising Start-Ups in State under Jharkhand Innovation Lab (JIL).

Though the US Consulate (Kolkata) is going to select merely a dozen such brilliant business ideas from Jharkhand out of total 50 from Ranchi, Patna, Kolkata and Guahati altogether during a week-long programme starting from November 21 in Kolkata, government and private Start-Up incubation centres in city and State do see others taking their business ideas to another level with inherited merits in most of them.

“Almost all of them are fantastic ideas. But I wish the Government turns little more proactive than remaining reactive in many cases which we have seen remained restricted to policy level so far. But willingness from Government is there and youth are ready to take chance, so can definitely see a totally different and vibrant business environment a decade down the line in State,” said a government-official turned consultant unwilling to be named.




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