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Youths, first-time voters enjoy festival of democracy

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On an average summer day, the youth would prefer to be in their comfort zones inside their air-conditioned abodes. However, Monday, April 16, was a special day for the youth as they celebrated the festival of democracy in the city.

The streets of the Capital city witnessed high spirited young Ranchiites zooming on their bikes to cast their votes for the Civic Polls on Monday. Arriving at the polling booths along with their families and friends, they wanted the pace of development to increase and become more efficient.

Talking to The Pioneer, the Gen – Y expressed their interest in making a positive change towards nation building by exercising their voting rights.

Suraj Kumar, resident of Argora, said, “It is high time the youth should understand the importance of voting and should turn up to cast their vote. We are the future of the country and we should make our voices heard.”

An elated Sujit Munda coming out of a booth at Kadru, said, “It is both our right and duty to cast our vote in favour of the deserving candidates. Municipal elections are as important as general elections since it has to do with the day-to-day activities.”

 Sarita Bodra exiting the polling booth at Club Road said, “I am happy that I could register my vote for the Civic Polls. Voting is the most integral part of democracy. And if we are not happy with the contestants there is always an option for NOTA.”

Tapasya Das from Morhabadi, said, “Making our vote count is extremely essential to eliminate the chances of bogus votes. As we are the future of our country, it is also our duty to spread awareness about casting our votes.”

Sapandeep, coming out of a booth located at Ashok Nagar, said, “Voting for the Municipal elections is immensely important because it is the municipality which takes care of the civic amenities and the cleanliness of the city. If you take a look at Ashok Nagar, which is considered to be posh area, you’ll see heaps of garbage at some places which sends across a demeaning message.”

Megha Gupta happily walked out from a booth in Lalpur. She said, “If we do not vote then we do not have any right to criticize the government. Voting is an important process in building the nation and we should definitely contribute to it.”

Aditya looked excited casting his vote at a booth established at Club Road. He said, “More than our duty, voting should be in our conscience. Many keep on condemning the incumbent authority but when it comes to vote, they shy away.”

Rajan Sharma from Doranda said, “I feel quite privileged to vote and contribute to nation building. I have high expectations from the candidates who get elected. I want to see Ranchi topping all development parameters.”

Shahbaz Ussmani, Doranda resident, said, “Municipal election is an important part of the democracy at the grassroots. It is these people who will hear our problems regarding civic amenities and not the PM or CM.”  

Shalu Gupta from Lalpur, voted for the first time. She said, “I am extremely happy to cast my vote for the first time at the Municipal elections. It makes me excited to know that my vote will count in ascertaining the Ward councilor, Mayor and Dy Mayor.”




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