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lyme disease on the rise again

Lyme disease was once unheard of in western Pennsylvania, where Barbara Thorne, now an entomologist at the University of Maryland, spent time as a kid. Thorne knew that if black-legged ticks are infected with bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi, they can transmit Lyme to people and, that if untreated, symptoms can range from fever, fatigue and a rash, to serious damage to the joints, heart and nervous system. But she didn’t realize that ticks in that part of Pennsylvania had become broadly infected with the bacteria. That is, until she was bitten during a family reunion weekend. She never saw the tick on her body. But about eight or nine days later, after returning home, she became suspicious. “I noticed a roundish red rash above my waistline and it expanded each day,” she recalls. “I was also feeling sick with exhaustion and achiness.” Her primary care doctor diagnosed her with Lyme disease, and prescribed a course of antibiotics. After a few months, she felt better.

in the air:   american woman saved

A Philadelphia woman is hailing a Cleveland Clinic doctor a hero after he helped save her life while on an airplane. On Saturday, 28-year-old Ashley Spencer boarded an American Airlines flight in Philadelphia destined for Cleveland. But shortly after the plane took off Spencer passed out. “I stopped breathing,” she said. “I still had a pulse. That's when the stewardess said, “Is there any medical professional on the aircraft? It's an emergency.” Spencer, who has a severe peanut allergy, was having reaction to a bag of chips she had eaten right before the flight. Her body was going into anaphylactic shock. That's when Dr. Erich Kiehl from the Cleveland Clinic and another doctor from North Carolina sprang into action.

alternative ‘cure’ to overdose

A few months ago, Kourtnaye Sturgeon helped save someone’s life. She was driving in downtown Indianapolis when she saw people gathered around a car on the side of the road. Sturgeon pulled over and a man told her there was nothing she could do: Two men had overdosed on opioids and appeared to be dead. “I kind of recall saying, ‘No man, I’ve got Narcan,’ “she says, referring to the brand- name version of the opioid overdose antidote, naloxone. “Which sounds so silly, but I’m pretty sure that’s what came out.” Sturgeon sprayed a dose of the drug up the driver’s nose, and waited for it to take effect. About a minute later, she says, the paramedics showed up.”As they were walking towards us, the driver started slowly moving,” she says. Both people survived.




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Ranchi girl wins Int’l beauty contest

19 Aug 2018 | PNS | Ranchi

Yet another girl from the Capital City Khushboo Vijay became the winner of Miss India International Global 2018 and will be representing India next year in Malaysia 2019 for World Finale. The event was held in Guwahati on August 2018...

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