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There’s an eternal source of good fortune that people often fail to tap into; it lies in true worship, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

Contrary to what many may believe, there are two sources of good fortune not just one. We are aware that charity, social service, sacrifice, bathing in holy rivers, visiting dhams, etc. are pious acts, which bring rich rewards in many forms in the present life and in the future ones too. Wealth is the most sought after fortune because it is the medium, which gets us many desirable material objects like comfortable living, assistance of all kinds like expert doctor’s consultation, funds for leisure travel, etc. Power is the next desirable object whether it is in the public domain or even in offices, homes, etc. Public office even of a minor level attracts greatly, one feels important, superior to others. Same drive rules in offices where people try to gain positions of importance. Even in houses where there are not so many living together like in a nuclear family one tries to establish one’s superiority.

Fame is another form of good fortune. Why do all film stars not become famous because those who become have lots of pious deeds behind them, which help them to climb the stairs of success where others not so fortunate flounder? Attention is a close relative of fame. Don’t we all seek attention? Those who do get are considered very fortunate. The material nature rewards these as it does by giving good looks, sound physique, etc. in future births. However, the material nature works very slow considering the pace at which we seek results these days. However, there is another source, which is not only faster but also much bigger.

In the verse #18.78 of the Gita, Sanjay states that where there is God and where there is a devotee of God like Arjuna, there will be opulence, victory, wealth and morality. Connection with God can get us victory or success in life. Morality is a huge asset, which makes one highly respected or even venerated. These are just a few examples of good fortune that one gets entitled to when one does spiritual acts like chanting mantras, meditation, studying scriptures, discussing with like-minded persons topics about God, etc. Lord Krishna has spoken about many benefits accruing to those engaged in spiritual activities. One gets the extremely precious wisdom. The Lord states that an advanced yogi achieves it by himself in due course of time. (4.38) One is able to control one’s mind, which is otherwise very difficult. (6.35) Mind control in turn gives peace – the most precious asset that one can have. People, if they so desire, get material siddhis also, which help them to do extraordinary feats. And God even grants liberation — freedom from material suffering.

What, then, prevents us to tap the second and the more potent source? Ego comes in the way; I am the one who matters more than anyone even God’s instructions. The second reason is ‘maya’, which bemuses us to such an extent that we consider material objects as everything ignoring the source of all sources. Faith comes from realizations, which are not easy to gain unless we practice what we know, ie knowledge is not enough. Yes, God is subtle, whereas our experience is mostly based on gross objects but don’t we accept how internet, etc. work unseen by us. We should at least accept that saintly persons benefitted immensely by putting their faith in God. If we are really wise we will tap both the sources, ie God — the primary source in addition to the secondary source.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com




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