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Astroturf : Balance conduct for happy ties

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Astroturf : Balance conduct for happy ties

A couple of years back someone came seeking answer to his failed marriage. “My mother fixed up the marriage after getting astrological matching done. I was given to understand that matching had scored 32 out of 36 counts. Then how come my marriage broke off? The astrologer we consulted did not give any hint of unseemly conduct of my estranged wife. Would it mean that astrology can’t see things in clear terms? Even a new relationship that I developed post marital break, doesn’t seem to be working. How long shall I have to live a loner?”

Well, astrology offers guidance with a fair amount of precision, provided it is applied holistically. A partial look will always prove misleading. The traditional marriage matching offers just a prima-facie view of marital prospects.  Following which, personality traits of the prospective partners need to be studied in detail to figure out whether their chemistry would work. Remember, marital harmony or discord doesn’t happen because it is so scripted in one’s destiny. How the two partners relate to each other is subject to their individual mind-traits. It is actually the habits and attitudes of the two partners that set the terms of happiness or discord.

Now coming to unseemly conduct of your estranged wife, it is past, and therefore, doesn’t deserve much of attention. But having said that it is important to note that before finding faults with others, we should first look at our own fault lines. For, in a relationship, it is not simply how the other side presents oneself is what matters. Even more important is how intelligently or otherwise you react and respond. Here comes the role of Karmic acquisitions carried over from the past, which sets the terms of one’s inherent desire trends, habits, and attitudes.

And if your new relationship is not working, here again your psychological frame of mind has a role to play. It appears that you have yet not come out of emotional hang of the failed marriage. Sense of fear arising thereof, has made you suspicious of all women. That doesn’t let you behave normally with your new girlfriend. With element of doubt writ large on your face, how can you earn the trust of the other side? Particularly in relationships, females have the capacity to intuitively have a sense of your intent.

So, should you wish to develop a healthy relationship, you need to first pay attention to your own self. That calls for a look within to figure out your own true nature — positives and vulnerabilities. Accordingly, get over all past hangs and address your inherent negative traits.  Then only you will be able to negotiate new relationship with an open mind, free from any preconditioning whatsoever, but for which you may not be able to build healthy relationship. Remember, if at all you wish others to prove true to your expectations, you need to balance out your own conduct first.

In so far as your personality fault lines are concerned, let us now give a look at your astrological pointers. You were born with Sagittarius lagna. That makes you tactless and undiplomatic. Though truthful by nature, but your indiscrete and ill-timed reactions and responses make you offend those around, and with obvious consequences.  You may make promises, which you may not fulfil. Moon being the 8th lord, you are habitually suspicious by nature. This, read together with your indiscrete outpours do not let you engage others with ease.  

Mind-signifying Moon conjunct Ketu, is placed adverse to mischievous Neptune. This makes you vulnerable to remain stuck to your delusionary dream perceptions, distanced from ground realities. Also, it makes you an escapist by nature, who may not own up one’s own indiscretions. You may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance and shall continue with your own wishful thinking till pushed to the wall.  You are also worrisome by nature.

Venus, the planet identified with emotionality and relationships, is conjunct Neptune, and ill-disposed off to Rahu and Uranus. This makes you emotionally volatile, which doesn’t let you relate well with your partner on even terms. You may get over-exercised even on trivial issues, following which you may lose all sense of order and self-control. On top of that, Mars and its dire enemy Saturn lock horns with each other. That makes you impatient, intolerant, bad tempered, unrelenting and even revengeful. That makes it difficult for you to digest any contrarian stand.  And the result is there to see.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him at G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110025 Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273 Email: pioneerqueries@bharatastro.com Website: www.bharatastro.com




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