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Astroturf | Blaming others won’t help you

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Astroturf | Blaming others won’t help you

Someone visiting India recently came asking: “Why am I going through this troubled time? How long will it continue? It seems that those envious of me have been doing some mischief to spoil my happiness. My marital relationship is in a mess, despite best of efforts on my part. I am having sleepless nights. Suggest me some gemstones or puja that may pull me out of my problem.”

Well, your own doing and undoing in the past is what sets the premise of what you become due for in life. So, what you are faced with today is nothing but reflection of your own Karmic carryover from the past. The imprints of your doings in the past find presence in your mind in seed-form. As and when congenial ground becomes available, they spring into action. It works in a self-automated mode. There is no scope for any extra-terrestrial agency playing any part. And it is not that future events are imprinted in exact and finite terms.

Truth remains that the seed-thoughts in mind hold the key to your personality traits — desire trends; likes and dislikes; habits and attitudes; prejudices and obsessions; potentials and vulnerabilities. And that is what sets the terms of your priorities in life.  Also, how you perceive the issues at hand and conduct in life, matters.  Remember, perception drives a being.  The perspective in which you look at things is how you react or respond, or for that matter negotiate the callings of life. So, the mind is so made out that it drives a being in a way that creates the ground congenial to the fruition of instore karmic imprints. So, the genesis of all problems are rooted in the mind, and in fact, you become a victim of your own making.

That makes it incumbent upon us to look at our own fault lines, and make necessary amends, rather than trying to find escape in faulting others. Given the power of freewill, which is duly backed by the faculty of discriminate intelligence, you are capable of identifying your inherent weakness through self-reflection, and then take corrective initiatives. The possibility of mischief by an evil mind can’t be ruled out. But that can make a dent on your relationship only when you allow your impressionable mind to get influenced. If the relationship is firmly grounded, no external factor can affect you.

Let us now look at the astrological pointers outlining personality traits of a person and see how he remains vulnerable to become a victim of his own making. Both the luminaries, the Sun and Moon are locked in adverse formation to their planet of nemesis Saturn, as well as mischievous Neptune. That, in the first place, brings into evidence the seeds of fear and insecurity deeply embedded in your psyche. Second, you are vulnerable to remain caught up in your fanciful own dream perceptions often distanced from ground reality. 

Third, you are habitually an escapist, who may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance. Carried away by the sense of hope against hope, you may stick to your gun till pushed to the wall.  Fourth, you seem to be habitually suspicious of others. The fact that Saturn is opposite Neptune, you are also vulnerable to become subject to mischief by others. And you get affected because of your indwelling sense of fear.

Intelligence signifying Mercury, ill-disposed off to Saturn and Neptune implies a fixated, one-track mind. Also, it accounts for your impaired reasoning and judgment. Mercury also placed adverse to Uranus makes you unconventional, eccentric, and opinionated.  Fiery Mars placed adverse to restive Rahu, in the first place makes you impulsive and irritable. Second, it makes you unmindfully misdirect your energies towards unproductive ends, and evidently to your detriment. Mind signifying Moon, opposite Uranus makes you temperamental, erratic, and unstable. Venus opposite Uranus hints at unconventional partnership. Venus also placed adverse to Jupiter speaks of your self-conceit and indulgent habits.  And the result is there to see.

So, don’t be in denial. Better acknowledge your own infirmities and address them without further loss of time. In so far as remedial measure is concerned, no belief-driven puja can correct your thought process. Gemstones do help balance out any void at energy level to a certain extent.  But they can’t mitigate life related problems.  Had the solution been so easy, every suffering man would have sported a gemstone, and secured happiness.  

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him atG-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110 025Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273 Email: pioneerqueries@bharatastro.com Website: www.bharatastro.com




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