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Astroturf : Continuum all through the run of time

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Astroturf : Continuum all through the run of time

Carrying forward analysis of the horary chart taken up for consideration in the previous issue, let us now track down its implication in future terms. Study revealed that the said horary chart did not simply offer an answer to the query raised, it also very clearly signalled likelihood of other important events in his life in the emerging times, and with precision.

Remember, events — both good and bad — an astrological chart indicates, come into effect when astrological directions — dasha chakra and transit of slow-moving planets — offer ground conducive to their fruition. In this context, let us have a look at the implication of some important astrological directions. Loss of power comes when planets operative in dasha chakra signify 3rd, 5th, and 9th houses. For, these houses respectively being 6th, 8th, and 12th from the 10th house identified with status, serve as latter’s nemesis.  The event happens at a time when transit of slow-moving planets, such as Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu, stand in conformity with the above indicators.

Detailed cross-checking revealed that most powerful planets signifying the 3rd, 5th, and 9th houses together appeared to be the Sun and Venus. Together they had to play the devil as both were ill-disposed to each other in the horary chart. On April 4, began the sub period of Venus, during major period of Sun. What further lent strength to inimical forces was that Karmakaraka Saturn in transit was closing ranks with its dire enemy Mars in the horary chart. If that was not enough, transit Ketu joined hands with Venus in the horary chart to cast the die, as both were adversely placed in the horary chart. And he lost power on April 9, 2007.

Later in August 2010, the man got arrested on some charges. The question that naturally arises: Was he due for imprisonment? The main pointer to imprisonment happens to be the 12th cusp. If ever Rahu, be directly associated to the 12th cusp, simultaneously signifying the 3rd and 8th house matters, makes one vulnerable to imprisonment.  Incidentally, Rahu happened to be the nakshatra lord of the 12th cusp, which strongly signified 3rd and 8th houses.  Mercury, the 12th cusp sub-lord, too, joined Rahu in its devilish manifestation. For, it occupied the nakshatra owned by 12th lord Saturn occupying the 3rd house. So, he was due for imprisonment. In terms of time frame, Jupiter signified 3rd and 12th houses, but being in exchange with Moon, the latter would acquire former’s signification. And he was behind bars when sub-sub period of Venus in the sub-period of Rahu, during major period of Moon was in vogue.

Incidentally, the man’s challenger did also consult me on March 28, 2007, when the power struggle was in full bloom. In the map of heaven drawn at the moment of query, 11th sub-lord Jupiter, identified with fulfillment of desires occupied the 2nd house. It extended its benevolent aspect on career signifying 10th house and its lord Moon; Karmakaraka Saturn posited in the 10th; and the 11th lord Sun occupying the 6th house identified with success over adversaries. All relevant houses promising success in his efforts were thus exemplified. Since a movable sign was rising, therefore, the result had to come within a month. Twelve days thereafter, Sun moved to a position when it would be exactly trine — the most beneficial planetary alignment — to Jupiter. But then Moon was shaded by its planet of nemesis, Saturn. So, he could regain power in another 12 days but not before facing initial hurdle.  Serious obstacle did arise a few days later. Hassled, he consulted again on April 3. A fresh chart was drawn.  Incidentally the ruling planets at the moment of consideration were the same as on March 28. The only difference was that Moon had moved out of Saturn’s ambit. By this chart, the Sun had to gain 6 degrees in the next six days to form exact trine with Jupiter. And he gained power on April 9, as predicted.

The poor man had accidental death on April 30, 2007. On that date, the sub-sub period of Mars, in the sub-period of the Sun, during major period of Mars was operative. For movable sign Libra rising, the Sun as 11th lord becomes badhaka, and Mars being 2nd and 7th lord remains the maraka, both thus, carry killing propensity. To sum up, reflections of horary chart drawn any moment prove true to the callings of emerging times. It, thus, offers empirical evidence suggestive of continuum existent all through the run of time.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him at G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110 025

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