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Astroturf | Disorderly mind proves a trickster

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Astroturf | Disorderly mind proves a trickster

A disciple of mine, thanking me for having helped him in his personality building exercise, happily recounted what he has gained thus far in the process. “Since I have been in touch with you seeking your guidance, my productive abilities have considerably gone up. My confidence level has significantly improved. Now I take quick decisions, as I no longer need to spend much of time analyzing issues in hand.  If I have to succeed in life, I really need to move fast.”

“Well, have you tried to figure out whether boosted by some favorable happening in the recent past, it is now your ego speaking, or that your efficiency level has gone up in real terms?” I countered.  “What made you take this view?” The young man shot back.

Well, only two months back, following tiff with your superior, you had lost your head, till things got settled after a while.  You also looked shaken when foreign exchange rate suddenly changed to your disadvantage.  So, till recent past, you presented an altogether different picture.  Would it mean that something significant happened during the last two months, which raised you confidence and efficiency level?  To my knowledge, fighting against all odds, you have successfully managed to strike an accord with your rival, at your terms, bringing to end a long drawn litigation. So, one success at your hands, and you feel elated. Nothing unusual about it.

Remember, you have still a long way to go, and life doesn’t necessarily move to one’s asking.  You may have to contend with unpredictable tossing in life, every now and then.  If you are to strike success at some point of time, you may have to face adverse circumstances at other times. A good leader is supposed to maintain balance of mind under all circumstances, good or bad.  Otherwise, you will fail to lead your enterprise to as great a height, as you aspire.

Here again, taking quick decisions is desirable, and those with sharpened intellect are worthy of it. But a hasty decision, without due diligence is always fraught with danger. So goes the saying: “Start in a flash and end in crash.” Your very statement that you don’t need to take much of pains for due diligence, would either mean that you have significantly sharpen your intelligence.  Or that, following one success, you have become overconfident, which again is nothing but reflection of ego.  You really need to self-reflect with an open mind. 

Experience suggests that as people grow and get engaged in doing bigger things, often they lose track of the basics, as if they would have outgrown their limits.  But never forget that basics never lose their relevance.  The irony, however, is that if ever one becomes over confident, in one’s usual flow of working, often one gets tempted to go by instinctive judgment, when unmindfully discretionary faculty gets sidelined.  Evidently then, for lack of due diligence, greater chances are that one may become victim of one’s own doing.  Remember, mind, the prime mover of a being, is a very complex organism, which is something like a double edged weapon.  Whereas orderly application of mind may prove an enabler, but if ever its sense of order gets anyway compromised, it may prove a trickster no less.

Here, a brief look into the order and chemistry of mind becomes imperative to make things clear.  In so far as construct of mind is concerned, it is supposedly armed with three functional tools – Buddhi, Ahamkara, and Manasa.  They are set to work in a coordinated way as an integrated whole.

Buddhi is marked with the faculty of discriminate intelligence, intrinsic to which is the sense of dispassion.

It discriminates upon the issues in hand without any bias, arrive at the right judgment, and accordingly guide Manasa to intelligently act upon, react or respond.

Ahamkara brings into focus the sense of “I”, which makes one identify with one’s body-mind organism, differentiated from others.  Driven by a sense of duality, it gets into comparison mode, weighs options in hand, and accordingly makes choices.   It also tempts one becoming judgmental.  Also, it is supposed to own up consequences of the choices made.

Manasa, is the sense driven mind operating from the front.  In the first place, it is supposed to translate functional mandate of the mind into action.  Second, it is tasked to collect all outer field data with the help of sensory organs of perception, and then react and respond to them.

The issue continues. 

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