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Astroturf : Gauging your performing self

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Astroturf : Gauging your performing self

Someone going through a tough time in his career came asking the other day: “What is in store of my destiny? I have been conducting things efficiently all through my career. But those envious of me have been playing foul with me. They act sweet but have been foul mouthing me before my superiors, which has thwarted my career growth.  Suggest some remedial measures, if they could help me.”

Well, if you taste success in any way, and if ever get on to a high position, it is bound to invite the envy of competitors, and even the cynics for no rhyme or reason. But if you look at things in perspective, envy is a reflection of your success. So, there is no reason to grudge envy, rather revel in it.

You get caught up only when somehow your own approach is flawed; you fail to deal with competing interests intelligently.

Remember, in the complex world we live in, with each individual being unique by birth — reflecting varying mind-trends — conflict of interest becomes a natural corollary.  That makes it incumbent upon us to have lessons in inter-personal relationship skills. But mere academic awareness is not enough. The lessons learnt have to be absorbed deep within the inner realms of our mind so that it becomes a part of our consciousness. Only then shall it play out spontaneously. The irony, however, is that we often get caught up in our inherent habit tendencies, unmindfully. That plays spoilsport in relationships, and has obvious consequences. You remain no exception. 

So, the need of the hour is to look within to figure out your own fault lines, instead of trying to get self-assuaged by shifting the blame on external factors. Ordinarily, one is seldom open to look into oneself. You are no exception. For, usually one’s ego does not let them dispassionately identify and acknowledge their own fault lines. Here, astrology comes into play. It can assess personality traits with a fair amount of precision. Had you cared to self-reflect, identified your inherent habit tendencies, and made timely corrections, your career graph would have had a smooth go. You did not feel it was necessary to seek the services of a consultant either.  It is only when compelled by circumstances that you are here.

It was difficult for him to digest my advisory. So, I had to give him a reading of astrological pointers to his personality trends. He was born when Taurus lagna was rising, a fixed sign. Even the lagna lord Venus occupies a fixed sign. The two put together speak of a stubborn character. Venus, ill-disposed off to Jupiter, speaks of his self-conceited nature, strong craving for quick material gains, and susceptibility to self-indulgence. The Sun, the planet identified with one’s individuality, is placed opposite Saturn. This speaks of his negative mindset, who would be pessimist by nature, also carrying lots of self-doubts. He would be habitually suspicious of others. He carries a strong sense of fear and insecurity. He has a grudging tendency and will never accept his own follies, instead; he would cover it up by trying to play the victim card. He lacks confidence.

Mind signifying Moon, which incidentally being the third lord speaks of his basal instincts, is eclipsed between headless Ketu and mischievous Neptune, and in an airy sign. This speaks of a mischievous mindset. He has a fertile but a scheming mind, and will be always engaged in demeaning others in a planned way, to establish his superiority over others. Also, it speaks of his unpredictable mood swings.  Moon, again, locked in an adverse formation to debilitated Mars, would imply being temperamental, irritable and argumentative.

What further plays spoilsport with him is that intelligence signifying Mercury is placed opposite Saturn, which is also ill-disposed off to restive Rahu. On the one hand, it speaks of a fixated, one-track mind, stuck to his own perceptions. And being inherently a stubborn character as explained above, he would not be open to listening to counsel of friends and patrons.

Second, he would be a restless character, continuously flirting around with his assumed thoughts. Consequently, his mind not be at rest. He becomes vulnerable to unintelligent moves, and with obvious consequences.

Third, he will be over critical of others. If that would not be enough, Mars is placed adverse to Neptune.  That brings into evidence the seeds of inferiority complex, coming as it may with all his frustrating experiences as a sequel to his own self-undoing acts.

So, he is actually reaping the fruits of the seeds that he has himself sown.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him at G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110 025

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