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Learn to gracefully accept change

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Learn to gracefully accept change

A stressed out mother daughter duo came seeking guidance on how to combat serious mental issues the family was faced with. The old lady in her opening remarks said: “Hell has broken in my life. Nothing good is happening. My daughters are not getting married. I know that my end is near. At this juncture, my children have abandoned me, and migrated abroad to pursue their aspirational urges. Please suggest some remedial measure so that my daughters get married and our problems get resolved. Tell me what lies in store of our destiny.”

The irony of the whole situation is that it is none other than their parents who encouraged the children to migrate.  While the two were fighting their battle of survival in an altogether new environment, in their absence the parents had developed a strong sense of insecurity.  The parents couldn’t take the change kindly and they threw so much of emotional tantrums that the two children, leaving their temporary jobs, came back running to their aid.      

Now, as the time is getting closer for children flying back abroad after two months of stay here, the parents have begun panicking. Having discussed with them after analysing the girl’s chart, it came out that parents were in the grip of serious depression. Their thought process had become incoherent, warranting immediate psychiatric help.  Accordingly, I suggested the girl to take her mother to a psychiatrist. “My mother is not prepared to accept that she has a problem. So, she has refused medical help, informed the daughter.” I don’t know how to go about now.

I assured the old lady that her daughter’s marriage will happen when it becomes naturally due. Hopefully, her elder daughter will get married by the year end. The next one is expected to find her mate this year itself to whom she may get married later. No puja can help prepone marriage, no matter what the belief driven pundits have to say.  Remember, the delay in their marriage is also purposeful. For, they have earned the time and space needed to overcome their attitudinal issues, which could have otherwise played spoilsport with their marital stability. Both the old lady and her husband had still a long way to go.  She is unnecessarily hallucinating about her early departure from the world.    She had to allow her children to grow in their own right wherever opportunities are available. Change is a necessary process of life, and we must gracefully accept it. If she clings on to her children, their fate may come under limitations.  As they settle down abroad, even she could join them later. But with the old lady’s state of mind, it was clear that no sane counsel will register in her mind at this stage. She needed immediate medical intervention.

Let us now look at the astrological pointers in the girl’s chart. Lagna sub-lord Jupiter in retrograde motion is conjunct fourth cusp lord Moon identified with mother. Moon is also the third cusp lord marked with movement away from mother/home. Jupiter occupies the nakshatra owned by Rahu, which is placed in the ninth house marked with overseas travel. Rahu, which happens to be the third and 12th sub-lord also, occupies the nakshatra owned by Mars, the 12th lord. The interlinking of lagna, third, ninth, and 12th houses offers possibility of migration abroad, and so it happened. The fact that Moon, the fourth lord identified with the mother is conjunct lagna sub-lord Jupiter, she had to get affected one way or the other. Let us now look at mother’s mind-frame.

The main marker is Moon, which is ill-disposed off to the Sun implies being vulnerable to emotional crisis. Moon opposite mischievous Neptune implies being stuck to her self-delusions, out of touch with reality, who may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance.  Instead, she may continue with the hope that the expected may happen sooner or later. Both the luminaries, placed adverse to Saturn implies that she carries seeds of fear and insecurity, which makes her vulnerable to depression. Her children’s migration served as a trigger, and she came under depression. Moon’s opposition to Venus, makes her too much touchy and sensitive, who may get over-exercised even on trivial issues, and may keep unnecessarily mulling for long. Jupiter opposite Neptune implies that she carries peculiar self-defined beliefs. On top of that, intelligence signifying Mercury is ill-disposed off to Moon as well as Neptune.  This accounts for her impaired reasoning and judgment. And the result is there to see.  

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