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Bears befuddled by woman’s new bear-proof trash can

A California woman captured video of a family of hungry bears being foiled and befuddled by her new bear-proof trash can. The video, filmed earlier this month, shows the mother bear clawing at the lid on the new bear-proof bin while one of her cubs stands atop the overturned container and another observes. “They can’t get in there because we got a new bear-lock can,” the woman says.

The footage shows the bears clawing at the can and rolling it around on the ground in an unsuccessful bid to reach the delicious garbage inside. The bears end up rolling the trash can all the way to the woman’s driveway before giving up their efforts.

The woman said the bear family had previously made a mess outside her home. “This mama, along with her two adolescent bears, visited my trash cans a bit ago and used her claw to pull out trash through a half-broken bear-proof lid. The same bears returned two weeks later, but were met with a replaced bear-proof can that proved to be amazingly effective,” she wrote.


Beware of spider above roadway!

Traffic officials in Scotland warned drivers of what appeared to be an unusual arachnid hazard on the roadway last Thursday. Traffic Scotland shared an image of a spider dangling directly in front of one of its traffic cameras on the M8 motorway giving the appearance of a giant spider floating in the sky. “Large spider invading the M8 at Livingston!” Traffic Scotland joked.

The traffic authority played up the bogus traffic warning by encouraging drivers to flee the area as quickly as possible. “Our advice...RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN,” Scotland Traffic wrote. Twitter followers joined in on the fun comparing the “giant” spider to monsters from horror films and asking when the roads would be safe again. Before any serious damage was reported as the result of the “threat”, it was announced that the spider was “long gone.”


Having right name at right, or sometimes wrong time

When reporters descended on upstate New York to ask about a prison break in 2015, state police spokesman Major Charles Guess took their questions. A dog named Trigger stepped on his owner’s 12-gauge shotgun during an Indiana waterfowl hunt just months later and shot her in the foot.

Sometimes the name fits the news story. Correspondent Julie Weed writes about legal marijuana for Forbes. This month, a front-page New York Times story on obesity was edited by Hilary Stout. And former US Representative Anthony Weiner was last Monday sentenced to prison for sending explicitly sexual pictures of a certain body part to an underage girl.

This phenomenon has secured its own line of scientific research, called nominative determinism. It even has a name of its own: Aptronym. In some cases, it may be rooted in the tradition of a profession determining a family name, such as Baker, Smith or Taylor. Other times, it is a coincidence. But it nearly always raises an eyebrow or even a smile from those realising the unusual pairing.

Recent news stories have mentioned Jack Dagger, the US director of the International Knifethrowers Hall of Fame. Then there is Detective Martin Speechley, the ever-quotable spokesman for the New York Police Department.

Sometimes the odd connections can be horrifying. When a gunman at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, killed nine people, including a woman in a wheelchair, her service dog named Bullet survived. But strange synergies also can signal hope. Josh Outman now pitches for Mexico’s Triple-A Minor League Pericos de Puebla but was once with the New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics and other US Major League Baseball teams. Perhaps a streak of no-hitters by Outman could get him back to the big leagues.


Granny smuggles drugs to jailed man

Authorities say a West Virginia grandmother has joined her grandson in jail after being accused of smuggling drugs to him behind bars. The Mountain State Fugitive Task Force said 64-year-old Carolyn Lou Gay was arrested last Wednesday on 15 charges related to drug possession and delivery.

News media report a criminal complaint says Gay visited her grandson on September 2 at Eastern Regional Jail near Martinsburg. The complaint says a guard heard inmate Shawn Douglas Weister tell Gay to “go ahead”. It says Weister was directed to a strip search room, but instead ran away. When guards caught up, he yelled: “Run granny, they caught me.” The complaint says investigators found 22 sealed drinking straws containing various drugs including heroin in Weister’s possession, and Gay is the only person who visited him.





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Pranaam Pawas: A poetic event organised to welcome monsoon

17 Jul 2018 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Phir Khule Akaash me Judde Ghataon Ke, Phir Hawaon Ke Dupatte Ho Gaye Jheene, a poetic event centered on creations about monsoon ‘Pranaam Pawas’ concluded in city. The event was organised by the Dushyant Kumar Memorial Manuscript Museum to welcome the monsoon season...

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