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Oddly enough

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Oddly enough

firefighters rescue kitten with head stuck in hoop

A pair of firefighters in Florida helped free a kitten that got its head stuck in the base of an outdoor basketball hoop. St. Tammany Fire Protection District #1 shared a video of firefighters Eric Dupuy and Richie Carter working to rescue the small gray kitten after Dupuy spotted it trapped in the base. The firefighters worried the kittens head may have been stuck in water inside the hoop’s base and moved quickly to free it. The two worked together to cut the kitten free as it struggled to push itself out of the small hole. Once it was freed, the “feisty” kitten attempted to wriggle its way out of the firefighters’ hands as they posed for a photo.


San Francisco Library gets book 47 years overdue

A book nearly five decades overdue has been returned to the San Francisco Public Library. The copy of Eldridge Cleaver’s memoir Soul On Ice was due back at the Eureka Valley branch December 9, 1970, making it 47 years, four months and 29 days late. The library’s late fee would’ve been $1,731.70 if it didn’t cap the fine at $10.01. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the paperback’s cover is detached from its spine and there’s a hole in the title page. Branch manager Anne Vannucchi told the Chronicle last week she’d like to know who the library patron is so she can get the story behind the returned book. A man at another branch last year returned his great-grandmother’s book titled, Forty Minutes Late — but it was more than 100 years late.


Iowa man says his dog shot him

With best friends like these, who needs enemies? An Iowa man says his dog inadvertently shot him while they were roughhousing Wednesday. Fifty-one-year-old Richard Remme, of Fort Dodge, told police he was playing with his dog, Balew, on the couch and tossed the dog off his lap. He says when the pit bull-Labrador mix bounded back up, he must have disabled the safety on the gun in his belly band and stepped on the trigger. The gun fired, striking one of Remme’s legs. He was treated at a hospital and released later that day. Remme told The Messenger newspaper that Balew is a “big wuss” and lay down beside him and cried because he thought he had done something wrong.


Family of five chased by cheetahs at safari park

A family of five who got out of their car at a safari park in the Netherlands had a close call when they were chased back to their vehicle by cheetahs. Video filmed by witnesses in another car at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park shows the family, which includes very small children, getting out of their car to get a closer look at some cheetahs lounging nearby. The family returns to their car moments later without incident and drive a ways up the road, where they again get out of their vehicle. The cheetahs, which apparently followed the vehicle up the road, then appear and aggressively chase the people back to the road, where they quickly get back into the car. A woman carrying one of the small children manages to get back to the car moments after a cheetah lunges at her.

Niels de Wildt, a manager at the safari park, said guests are warned not to get out of their vehicles on park grounds. “The cheetahs are on a food schedule so they are not extremely hungry and are not in the hunt,” said de Wildt. “In the first instance they have the same reaction as when someone rings in unexpectedly, they think: ‘Hey, something strange is happening in our territory,’” he said. “But in the end they do respond to this exceptional visit, and these people have been incredibly lucky.”


Boston student breaks record for ‘joggling’ speed

A Boston student with enthusiasm for both juggling and jogging combined his interests to break the Guinness World Record for “joggling.” Zach Prescott, who competes in track and cross county for Boston University, juggled three lacrosse balls while running a mile Tuesday with a time of 4 minutes, 43.2 seconds. The current Guinness record for joggling a mile was set in 1986 by Kurt Swinson, who completed the task with a time of 4 minutes, 43.8 seconds. Prescott said his feat at Boston University’s Nickerson Field was actually his third attempt of the day, after twice dropping balls. “I almost didn’t try it a third time, I was getting really tired,” Prescott told the Boston Globe. Evidence of Prescott’s run, including video footage, has been submitted to Guinness for official recognition.


Man wins $4.38 million with lottery ticket he got for free

An Iowa man who won a $4.38 million lottery jackpot said his luck was compounded by the fact he got his ticket for free as part of a promotion. Chuck Anderson of Davenport visited Iowa Lottery headquarters on Thursday to claim his $4.38 million prize for matching all six numbers in Saturday’s Lotto America drawing: 8-15-18-32-45, with Star Ball 1. Anderson said he hadn’t even intended to enter the Lotto America drawing, but he received a free ticket along with the Powerball ticket he purchased from the Kwik Star store in Davenport. The Iowa Lottery said it is giving away “Lotto Surprise” free plays this month to random players who buy tickets in games selected by the lottery. The qualifying game chosen for the first week was Powerball, and Anderson was selected when he bought his ticket.





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