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Indiana police say they seized Trump-shaped ecstasy pills

Some drug traffickers appear to be using US President Donald Trump’s image to brand their illegal wares. An Indiana State Police news release about 129 arrests in a series of drug busts in northern Indiana includes a photo of what police describe as “Trump-shaped ecstasy pills.”

They are orange and stamped with a face. On the back are the words “great again,” an apparent reference to Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Traffickers sometimes produce uniquely shaped or colored drugs as a marketing technique to encourage buyers to return for more. Friday’s release doesn’t provide details, including how many of the pills were seized. The six-day operation in June involved traffic stops by state and city police, as well as sheriff’s departments. LSD, cocaine and other drugs were also seized.


Scotland’s heaviest Hedgehog put on diet

The New Arc Animal Rescue Centre in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, has received a massive hedgehog that they believe might be the heaviest ever recorded in the country. The hedgehog, named Arbuckle, was taken in by a well meaning individual last year due to seeming too light to survive the winter. After caring for the hedgehog, the man noticed that Arbuckle did not want to leave when spring had arrived.

“We believe we know the reason,” New Arc said on Facebook alongside a photo of the chubby hedgehog who weighed in at 2.335 kilograms or about five pounds. “Arbuckle weighed in at a massive 2.335 kilos, which might well make him Scotland’s heaviest ever hedgehog, if not the UK’s. At roughly 4 times the weight of an average hedgehog for this time of year. Arbuckle can hardly walk and is unable to curl into a defensive ‘ball’ so needs to go on a diet if he is to have any chance of surviving in the wild,” New Arc continued. “This will have to be a gradual process and we can only hope that his internal organs and bone structure can adapt and that any damage done is reversible.”

“He will be fed a restricted diet which is filling, and scatter his food around for exercise. It will be a long, gradual process,” Keith Marley of New Arc said to BBC about the diet Arbuckle will be placed on. “He will be grumpy for a while but we’re being cruel to be kind. There is no way he would survive in the wild,” he continued.


Polish stork vanishes, delivers huge phone bill

A Polish environmental group that was using a mobile-phone transmitter to track migratory movements of a stork has received a phone bill of 10,000 zlotys ($2,650) after the bird went missing in Sudan and someone started using the chip to make calls.

Like many other storks who nest in Poland in the summer, Kajtek, an adult stork, began his southward migration to Africa in August 2017. Thanks to a SIM-chip transmitter, the Ecological Group was able to track his GPS movements and post details about the journey online. The bird’s last signal came from Sudan on April 26. But later, the group heard that some 20 hours of calls had been made using the SIM card in Sudan. Ireneusz Kaluga, the association’s head, said Friday that Kajtek “probably isn’t alive.”


‘Brides’ enjoy match-making on russian World Cup stage

Russian women wearing elaborate bridal dresses took to the pitch in the World Cup host city of Kazan on Saturday for a friendly soccer match intended to show their love for the sport. Wearing floor-length white dresses and running shoes, the women split up into teams of five and played 15-minute halves on gravel in front of a small crowd.

“We had a nice appearance but it wasn’t very comfortable,” said Gulnaz Sharipova, a player on the winning team who had never played soccer before.

“It’s not only a man’s game,” said Maryana Raznogorskaya, the team’s goalkeeper. “The most important thing is friendship and solidarity.”

The winning team was awarded a replica of the World Cup trophy, made out of flowers. This unusual match served as a warm-up for the World Cup’s first action-filled knockout-stage match in which France beat Argentina 4-3 in Kazan. Russia is hosting the soccer World Cup for the first time, holding matches in 11 cities.


Police rescue raccoon from peanut butter jar

A group of Kentucky police officers came to the rescue of a hapless raccoon that somehow got a peanut butter jar stuck on its head. The Paducah Police Department posted photos to Facebook showing Sgt Shawn Craven, Officer Steve Thompson and Sgt Matt Hopp coming to the rescue of the raccoon Craven spotted while working the night shift.

The photos show the officers holding the raccoon still while pulling on the jar, which was “stuck tight.” “Thompson finally managed to work the jar loose, and the raccoon’s head popped out. He promptly ran off without so much as a thank you,” the Facebook post said.





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Two-month-old dies in 108-Amublance

18 Jul 2018 | Staff Reporter | RAIPUR

A two-month-old infant died due to suffocation after the door of the ‘108 Ambulance Service’ that was carrying him to a hospital malfunctioned and failed to open on time at Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Hospital here on Tuesday. The Ambulance operators tried to open the door for a couple of hours but failed to open it on time...

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