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Partner with your children to make the right choice

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Partner with your children to make  the right choice

You can’t choose for your kids; you can only help them choose intelligently, explains Anjali Malhotra

As rightly said by a renowned Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato, “Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.”  As matured parents, we should allow our kids to dream big and aid to make them achieve the same.

Every parent wants to give their child the best. There was a time when parents thought they knew what was ideal for their children. Decisions right from what the child should study to what career choice they should make and who they should marry was made by the parents. Time changed and parents and children alike evolved. Today, we have reached a stage where parents are more of friends and mentors to their children. They are more sensitive to what their child needs and accordingly change their way of parenting.

The new age parents are unconventional, ready to experiment and willing to explore ways to understand what their child enjoys doing. Approximately 26 million Gen Y-ers are raising kids today. While the numbers are expected to grow exponentially over the next several years; these bundles of joy certainly don’t come cheap. As parents, we are always preoccupied with the need to plan a better and secure future for our kids.

Given the evolving dynamics of the society, children of millennials known as Generation Alpha will largely be the most formally educated generation ever, the most technology supplied generation ever, and globally the wealthiest generation ever. While it will be challenging to bring up kids, it will also be a learning. Thus, making it necessary for millennial parents to engage with their ward to lay the foundation for cognitive development and raise smarter and happier kids.

With the changing lifestyle, bludgeoning inflation rate, the cost of living and most importantly, the competition in every sphere of our lives; has increased the pressure on parents. They are worried/ concerned if they would be able to support their child’s education, providing them with a sphere of opportunities. In such situation, parents need expert guidance, to help them identify and nurture their child’s passion and accordingly plan their finances to provide them with the career of their choice. The right combination of both indeed will ensure a stress-free, secured and a successful life.

AVIVA Kid-O-Scope does just that. It is a digital ecosystem, a first of its kind that helps parents identify and nurture a child’s unique aptitude & talents, at an early age. Thus helping them to choose a career best suited for their passion, in addition to enabling a financial plan for its fulfillment.

The AVIVA Kid-O-Scope is a platform specially built with advanced psychometric tools that will enable parents to #CatchTheEarlySigns of inherent talents and aptitudes in their child’s development. What’s more, these assessments can be initiated as early as three years of child’s age, and are followed by customized advice to nurture the child unique passion and hone it skills to mature into a chosen field of profession, as he grows. The platform also includes an education cost calculator that enables parents to financially plan for their child by deriving the estimates of the future cost of education for the chosen field of study.

In a time when kids are seemingly growing up too fast, it’s essential to consider the importance of their childhood dreams. Therefore, a focused goal and a planned investment from an early stage will help them carry on that free spirit and youthful passion into adulthood – and the world just may become a better place.

The writer is Chief Customer, Marketing and Digital Officer, Aviva Life Insurance




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