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Predict today for a fulfilling tomorrow

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Predict today for a fulfilling tomorrow

Anjali Malhotra gives some tips to millennial parents for a brighter and better future of their children

The generation of millennials, who rose beyond unconventional opportunities and treaded lesser-travelled career paths than their parents, are now bustling parents themselves. Approximately 26 million Gen Y-ers are raising kids today. While the numbers are expected to grow exponentially over the next several years, these young parents agree that these bundles of joy have higher walls to scale.

Unlike the early 80s and 90s, when options were limited and traditional careers were the only reliable means to a resounding future, millennial parents, riding on awareness and means, are rewriting the traditional routes to parenthood. Parents, today, not only carve their child’s future and encourage them to dream big, they also day-dream along with them and for them. They look for options to explore, identify, and pursue the best available options to aid and nurture their child’s dream for a safe, sound and accomplished future in a more interactive fashion, involving and educating their ward about the secure routes and options for their future journey. To make the modern-age parenting better, millennial parents should try the below mentioned tips in their parenthood journey to aspire for a brighter and better future of their kids:

Introduce child to the theory of ‘Big Dreamers’

Kids today are seemingly growing up too fast, making it more essential than ever to consider the importance of nurturing their dreams at an early age. Parents must encourage their child to dream big and not to be deterred by anything. Parents must foster a rich environment to enable their child to become a big dreamer by either introducing them to historical inspirational dreamers like Martin Luther King Jr, Harriet Tubman and Amelia Earhart or by becoming role models, themselves, for their kids. This will help the child carry on their free spirit and youthful passion into adulthood.

Encourage the child to pursue her big dream

No matter how unrealistic or difficult the dreams of the child might seem to be, parents must try everything possible to keep their passion and their dream alive. They should never discourage the child, and should instead come up with new, quirky ways to make the child’s big dream more interesting. Parents should encourage their child to dream big and not just settle for the rat race.

Take charge of the child’s holistic development

Millennial parents should spend more time observing their child. This will not only unveil their child’s hidden talents and aptitude, but also help them discover various personality traits. Such observations will help the parents understand their child better, thereby making them better guides towards their child’s development. Further, by challenging the child’s thinking and perspective by talking to them about what they observe around them, you can add up to a better understanding of the child.

Use online talent detecting tools

Millennial parents want to raise children who are passionate about their dreams, are kind, creative and individuals who never give up. But to identify these nuances correctly in their child can be a challenge for them. In order to overcome these challenges, millennial parents should explore structured aptitude assessments that include expert guidance and can be used to understand the cognitive skills and capabilities of their kids. Such assessment programmes provided by trusted insurers like Aviva Life Insurance enable parents to partner with their child’s aspirations and give them more robust and evidence-based results to measure the traits of their children.

Make it possible with a proper plan in place

Only 13 per cent of millennial parents place savings for higher studies as one of their top child-related financial priorities. Since they do not keep enough savings and a vast majority is underinsured, it is imperative that they should start planning for financial goals and invest the required amount as early as possible to help their children achieve their dreams later in life. Therefore, creating the right environment for your child and giving them space to express themselves with the freedom of choice trumps all planning. As a parent, we should let our child dream big and be their support when they need it.

The writer is Chief Customer, Marketing and Digital Officer at Aviva India




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