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Moon sees India as alternative to China

Sunday, 15 Jul 2018 | Rajiv kumar | in Agenda

South Korea realises that their dependence on China is a threat to their economy. And, therefore, Seoul has designed a policy to diversify its economic relations and they find a rising India can replace China market South Korean President Moon Jae-in visited India from July 8 to July 11. This was...

Crisis in Nicaragua: Will Ortega survive?

Sunday, 15 Jul 2018 | Makhan Saikia | in Agenda

President Daniel Ortega's brand of “state capitalism” has sharply divided the Nicaraguan society. His failure to acknowledge the mood of the public may cost him presidentship as he is fighting a war of survival As public protest in Nicaragua has deepened, Daniel Ortega, the embattled President of the country, is battling...

Police reforms: Analysis and perspectives

Sunday, 15 Jul 2018 | SUDHIR HINDWAN | in Agenda

There is need for more productive relationship among paramilitary forces, intelligence agencies, local police, Army, and local population. Police need to diversify its activities by inculcating technical and professional expertise in maintaining internal security The recent direction of the Supreme Court regarding the appointment of chiefs of police in States ...

India arc in Moon’s southern policy

Sunday, 08 Jul 2018 | Jagannath Panda | in Agenda

Seoul may have shown restrain in openly endorsing the concept ‘Indo-Pacific’ as it has been carefully treading its foreign policy between China-led and US-led regional environments. This has, however, not discouraged the Moon administration from positioning South Korean interests more intently in the Indo-Pacific region. South Korean President’s three-day visit...

Ease of business needs single-window system

Sunday, 08 Jul 2018 | Navreet Rana | in Agenda

It will be beneficial if there is only one portal from where an individual can apply for the business and from there the application travels to the respective departments following a sequential order In 2017, India jumped to the 100th position on the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business” (EoDB) list....

Space for ‘other' in Trump’s America

Sunday, 08 Jul 2018 | Manan Dwivedi | in Agenda

Since the campaign trail and the Presidential declarations to stymie the entry of population from seven Muslim nations and South America, it no longer remains a convenient task for the fastidious fortune seekers to milk the land of Oregon trail and the North Eastern seaboard. Apart from that, the Trump...

Social media: Not a tool for seeking revenge

Sunday, 01 Jul 2018 | VV SUNDAR | in Agenda

Social media should not become a megaphone for a lynch mob mentality or breach of privacy. There are better ways to let someone know you do not agree with them There is a notion of privacy in one’s personal life. There is equally a notion of privacy in public place. When...

Menace of food adulteration

Sunday, 01 Jul 2018 | Anil Rajput | in Agenda

India's consumer-driven economy has unleashed a large number of brands in the country. These brands meet top quality standards and requirements that are laid out by national food regulator, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Normally, such brands carry a higher price as they have to deliver on...

Mexican elections at a glance

Sunday, 01 Jul 2018 | Gwynne Dyer | in Agenda

Presidential frontrunner Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador has little to say about the drug war, apart from vague talk about giving some criminals an amnesty. What he concentrates on is inequality Almost all the foreign coverage of the Mexican election held on July 1 (today) focuses on the drug wars and the...

Future of Turkish democracy at stake

Sunday, 24 Jun 2018 | Harun Yahya | in Agenda

No matter what the outcome of Turkey’s election, a stronger country is in everyone's best interests. Should Turkey's democracy and economy begin to falter, the troubles in the Middle East will only exacerbate Turkey is once again going through the familiar, hectic pace of elections, which will take place on June...



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Demolition continues, encroachment in gated colonies to be razed too

19 Jul 2018 | PNS | Dehradun

The court ordered anti-encroachment drive continued in Dehradun with 280 encroachments being demolished and 185 being marked on Wednesday. A total of 2196 encroachments have been demolished, 4674 have been marked and 88 buildings have been sealed so far...

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