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India-US relations in new orbit

Sunday, 12 Aug 2018 | Virendra Gupta | in Agenda

New Delhi and Washington need to show greater maturity and confidence in dealing with each other. We have to get rid of past prejudices which dogged our relations during the Soviet era. In this perspective, the US must recognise that Iran is one of the largest suppliers of crude oil...

Trump’s America First and Trans-Atlantic divide

Sunday, 12 Aug 2018 | Manan Dwivedi | in Agenda

Before his visit to London, US President Donald Trump had raised questions about whether the UK’s current Brexit plan is ‘what they voted for’. What troubles Donald Trump is the manner new trade understanding with the EU is being prepared by the May Government following a common rule book with...

Structuring a new BRICS

Sunday, 05 Aug 2018 | Nalin Kumar Mohapatra | in Agenda

Two large countries of BRICS — India and China — are facing terrorism and challenges of energy security. Russia has plenty to offer, but the problem for BRICS is that the member states do not have a coordinating structure which can chart out an effective energy policy for Global South....

Otherisation of migrants in Kerala

Sunday, 05 Aug 2018 | VR Jayaraj | in Agenda

It is an irony that Kerala, which is witness to inhuman discrimination against its emigrant workers in the Gulf, is subjecting migrants from other Indian States to undergo the same agony in God’s Own Country A strange kind of dislike is spreading fast among the people of Kerala towards the migrant...

HECI a step to revamp higher education system

Sunday, 05 Aug 2018 | SUDHIR HINDWAN | in Agenda

The efforts of the Government can be considered successful if the proposed reforms via Higher Education Commission of India raise Indian higher education standard to the global level and stem the brain drain The proposed Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) has brought to light the need for reforms in higher...

Sex and deafening silence of church

Sunday, 29 Jul 2018 | VR Jayaraj | in Agenda

Ironically, the church leadership has been charged with protecting clergymen accused of crimes of lust in the name of the need to safeguard the unity and sacredness of the religious edifice. NCW’s call for abolition of confession before priests to save women from sexual exploitation should have prodded the church...

Jio! Eminence is the womb

Sunday, 29 Jul 2018 | Kumar Sarvesh | in Agenda

The message of this Government is clear: like the health sector, it is going to open higher education sector for big corporate India is passing through a critical phase, where learning from holy scriptures influences major decisions of the institutions of the Government. The reference point here is non-existent Jio Institute...

Mayhem in Yemen: Proxies to blame

Sunday, 29 Jul 2018 | Makhan Saikia | in Agenda

Future of Yemen looks bleak. Houthis’ desire to expand their writ over the entire Yemen has no end. Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s involvement in the war for their vested interests has aggravated the situation. Meanwhile, innocent civilians, especially children and women, who are sandwiched between the warring groups in...

Should WhatsApp be regulated in digital age?

Sunday, 22 Jul 2018 | Prakhar NS Chauhan | in Agenda

It is not always about technology which needs regulation, a person can be his own admin and control the dissemination of information from his end. What needs to be done is spreading awareness about the bad effects of fake inflammatory messages on society The recent conundrum caused by messages broadcast on...

Effect of Pak poll results on India

Sunday, 22 Jul 2018 | Satish Kumar | in Agenda

At a time when Pakistan judiciary is alleged to be at a low ebb, the Pakistan Army is pulling out all the stops to install a Government of its choice so that it can use terrorism as state policy to bleed its neighbours As Taliban and ISIS are peddling competitive violent...



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Cooperation of all necessary to achieve target: Ramsheela Sahu

15 Aug 2018 | Staff Reporter | Raipur

State of Chhattisgarh is moving faster from malnutrition to normal. But on the path, to achieve the target cooperation of all is required, said women and child development minister Ramsheela Sahu...

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