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The making of an institution

Sunday, 06 Jul 2014 | JASKIRAN CHOPRA | in Agenda

Excelsior:The Story of Wynberg-Allen School Author : Rakhshanda Jalil Publisher : Niyogi, Rs1,500 This book envisages the vision of the school's founders, the selfless commitment of missionaries who worked tirelessly for what began as an orphanage, writes JASKIRAN CHOPRA Mussoorie’s Wynberg-Allen School ,with its 125-year-old rich and treasured history, is one of the...


Sunday, 06 Jul 2014 | Agencies | in Agenda

American Congressman replaced by robot? A US congressman was replaced by a look-alike robot after being hanged in a televised execution in southern Ukraine, according to his failed election challenger. Timothy Ray Murray, who unsuccessfully opposed congressman Frank Lucas in last week’s Oklahoma Republican primary, made the astonishing claim on his...

India’s popular satirists

Sunday, 06 Jul 2014 | Sunday Pioneer | in Agenda

Khushwant Singh A significant post-colonial writer in the English language, late Khushwant Singh was known for his clear-cut secularism, wit and a deep passion for poetry. A regular contributor to various national dailies, Singh was also famous for his novel Train to Pakistan penned in the year 1956 Jaspal Bhatti One of the...

Popularising the unpopular

Sunday, 06 Jul 2014 | John Maxwell | in Agenda

If you want to become a good thinker, start preparing yourself for the possibility of becoming unpopular. John Maxwell, in his latest book, motivates the readers to travel on the road not taken. Excerpts: Am I consciously rejecting the limitations of common thinking in order to accomplish uncommon results? There are...

Shed your spiritual dependence

Sunday, 06 Jul 2014 | OSHO | in Agenda

Religions follow dead masters; one needs to discard such spiritual bondage, says OSHO As you enter beyond enlightenment into nothingness, there must be a possibility of coming out of nothingness back into form, back into existence — renewed, refreshed, luminous — on a totally different plane. Because nothing is destroyed, things...

Briefly speaking

Sunday, 06 Jul 2014 | Pioneer | in Agenda

Malaria may change how you smell Malaria may alter the way people smell to make them more alluring to mosquitoes, according to a new finding that can help detect the deadly disease non-invasively through body odour. An infection with malaria pathogens changes the scent of infected mice, making those infected more...

Humility leads to Leadership

Sunday, 06 Jul 2014 | Pramod Pathak | in Agenda

With power, comes immense responsibility. But the aura of leaders lies in their humility In the workshop at Surajkund for the newly elected ruling party MPs, the Prime Minister rightly emphasised the need to abstain from ahankara (arrogance) and bhrashtachar (corruption). Though copious management literature on leadership identifies the many qualities...

Congress rout: Where does the buck stop?

Sunday, 06 Jul 2014 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

Earlier, after the defeat of the Congress in any State, its party president offered his/her resignation. This had happened in States like Bihar, UP, Rajasthan and Delhi, though the Congress president had not accepted their resignation for long. However, this time, nobody offered resignations after the rout in the LS...

Shall we then ban temple bells and loudspeakers?

Sunday, 06 Jul 2014 | Kanchan Gupta | in Agenda

Prohibiting the use of a loudspeaker at a temple in Moradabad is representative of what it means to be a Hindu in SP-ruled Uttar Pradesh as well as what it means to be a Hindu in the fraudulent ‘secular' Republic of India Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For...

The temple that isn’t...

Sunday, 29 Jun 2014 | Kushan Mitra | in Agenda

Ayodhya, a small speck on the map of central Uttar Pradesh, is a strange town where things are not always what they seem, says KUSHAN MITRA On National Highway 28 out of Lucknow towards Guwahati, as you drive on the most incongruously smooth stretch of concrete in the erstwhile state of...




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Odia version of PM’s ‘Exam Warriors’ released

14 Aug 2018 | PNS | BHUBANESWAR

Governor Prof Ganeshi Lal released Odia version of ‘Exam Warriors’, written by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, here on Monday. Releasing the book, the Governor said a common child can build self a superman by strong commitment and will power...

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