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Briefly Speaking

Turmeric tea can help lose weight

Turmeric tea, brewed using grated turmeric root or pure powder, is considered one of the most effective ways to consume the spice. There is no specific recommended daily intake of turmeric. Based on available research, the suggested daily intake depends largely on the condition it is being used to treat. The other compounds that are present in turmeric are volatile oils, Vitamins (B&C), Potassium, Sodium, Iron, Omega-3 fatty acids, a-linolenic acid, proteins, carbohydrate, fibres etc. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory spice that helps reduce inflammation and associated oxidative stress and thus be useful in losing weight. Turmeric helps reduce the risk of cholesterol, triglyceride levels and blood sugar levels that act against the condition. Turmeric tea helps relieve stomach disorders like gas, bloating and further improve bowel movements that help you lose weight. Curcumin has been found to decrease the size of adipose tissues, i.e. lower fat accumulation in over-weight patients. It causes significant reduction of fat.

Alzheimer’smay be linked to obesity

While ageing has been long identified as a significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, a new study shows that obesity during middle age may contribute to the early development of the brain disorder, termed as the most common form of dementia. The results showed that ageing, combined with a high fat and high sugar diet, results in increased inflammation and stress in the hippocampus — responsible for long-term memory — and prefrontal cortex — responsible for complex cognitive, emotional and behavioural function. Both brain regions are thought to be involved in the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. In the study, the team used a mouse model to look at the relation.

Vaping is the new smoking in schools

A discreet gadget, supposed to help grownups quit smoking, has landed in the hands of high school children, who suck on nicotine vapours in classrooms, a study has found. The gadget called JUUL is little bigger than a pack of gum. The study of 80,000 tweets shows that the JUUL vapouriser is widely used among high school, middle school and even elementary school students in the US. “We found young people talking about using JUUL on school grounds, in classrooms, in bathrooms, in the library, at recess and during gym,” said Jon-Patrick Allem, from University of Southern California in the US. “JUUL vapours dissipate quickly, unlike the telltale cloud of previous e-cigarette ‘vaping’ devices, so it’s a way for kids to use nicotine undetected,” said Allem, lead author of the study.






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Two-month-old dies in 108-Amublance

18 Jul 2018 | Staff Reporter | RAIPUR

A two-month-old infant died due to suffocation after the door of the ‘108 Ambulance Service’ that was carrying him to a hospital malfunctioned and failed to open on time at Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Hospital here on Tuesday. The Ambulance operators tried to open the door for a couple of hours but failed to open it on time...

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