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Astroturf | Astrology calls for a holistic look

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Astroturf | Astrology calls for a holistic look

A belief-driven, astrology-knowing person came asking the other day: “Why often things don’t happen in conformity with what my astrological chart indicates? I believe that astrology is a science, which speaks with precision, how our destiny would play out. With whatever knowledge of astrology I have, my chart pointed to completion of my research assignment by now, but it is getting unduly delayed for no valid reasons. I should have had even a career breakthrough two years back. You being an expert in the subject, please explain as to where did I go wrong in reading my chart? Also, suggest a gemstone suited to me, or some other remedial measure you deem fit, as it would help me come out of my present impasse.”

Well, you need to have a holistic understanding of the dynamics of life, before you even think of interpreting an astrological chart. For, life doesn’t necessarily move in a linear fashion as you wish, or as is broadly hinted out by the destiny implications of an astrological chart. Never forget, this is a transient world, ever changing. In fact, continued change is the only permanent phenomenon of this world. So, how can the course of destiny be beyond change?

It may not be out of place to mention here that we are an inseparable part of a large living order, where no individual could evade the influence of the overall environmental conditions. Even more so, because every individual born into this world is unique, each manifesting varying desire and mind trends, often at variance with others. Evidently, the course of life becomes subject to lot of variables, many of them unforeseen, and therefore, it is often faced with lot of twists and turns.

No wonder, the architects of the discipline of astrology brought into reckoning three factors for interpreting a chart — Kala (environmental condition), Patra (Individual personality trends) and Samaya (destiny indicating time frame). Imagine a situation when the economic condition of a country is going through low phase. Or for that matter, the overall work atmosphere is passing through a turbulent time such as during riots, workers strike, or civil unrest. No matter, how good your luck may be, the gains out of your efforts can’t be on expected lines. Again, the fruits of actions are also dependent on the quality of efforts you put in, which is subject to your habits and attitudes.  Also, how intelligently you deal with the challenges coming in the way. Here comes the role of one’s personality trends.

You just paid attention to the destiny indicating time frame. You should have at least paid attention to the implications of your personality trends, if not the overall environmental condition.  That makes a dispassionate look into the astrological pointers to the man’s personality traits imperative.

The lagna, its lord the Sun, the two marked with the person’s identity, and mind signifying Moon, all occupy fixed signs. It implies that he is a person having hardened habits and attitudes, not easily amenable to change. The Sun is ill-disposed off to Saturn. In the first place, it means that his level of confidence would be low. Consequently, he will always be doubtful of his potential.  Second, seeds of fear and insecurity are deeply ingrained in his psyche.  Put to an unfavourable situation, he gets into worrying mode, all based on assumed negative thoughts. Third, he carries strong sense of inertia, indolence, and laziness.  So, as a matter of habit, he keeps pushing off his initiatives to a later date. In the process, he is left behind in the run of time when pessimism overtakes his mind, and he gets into self-pitying mode. What further aids to his negative mind-trends is that even Moon is placed adverse to Saturn, which makes him self-inhibitive by nature.

Intelligence signifying Mercury locks horns with Uranus as well as Moon. It implies that he lacks focus, would be unconventional, and erratic.  Rather than following proven methods, he may get tempted to chart out his own methodology. In the process, he often fails to take the tasks in hand to their logical end in time. He may often get caught up in self-ignited conflicting thoughts, not been able to make a headway for long.  Caught up in his self-created thought web, he remains vulnerable to unmindfully waste his energies towards unproductive ends. And the result is there to see.  

Should he address the above noted fault lines, the positives in him, that are immense, will bloom out in full.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him at G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony,  New Delhi – 110 025 Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273  Email: pioneerqueries@bharatastro.com  Website: www.bharatastro.com




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