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Astroturf | Orderly mind proves an enabler

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Astroturf | Orderly mind proves an enabler

Picking up threads from previous issue, a look into the chemistry of mind becomes imperative, so as to understand the order underlying working of the three functional tools of mind in right perspective.

Be it known that mind is an instrument, which can’t work on its own. But then, it is something like a fertile earth mass, which lends ground to a seed sown, grow into a fruit bearing tree. Similarly, mind gets fuelled into action by indwelling thought-seeds, coming as they may as Karmic carryover from the past.  These thought-seeds involuntarily build individual-specific belief pattern, which breed in desires. The desires, in turn, excite corresponding thoughts, which when gravitate following processing in the mind, translate into action. Evidently, the quality and content of the indwelling desires define the quality of fruits of action one becomes due for. During the ongoing life, as mind gets going, it also picks up inputs from the external environment. That further modifies the indwelling belief and thereby our mental dispensation. Mind does also carry the potential to absorb fresh educative inputs consciously fed into it.

When faculties of mind follow the order assigned to them, buddhi serves as a guard as well as a guide.  It discriminates upon the worthiness of desires arising in mind, and accordingly guides whether to pursue or leave aside.  It makes us weigh out between “what one wants”, and “what is right.” Once the choice has been made, it guides us to articulate ways and means to intelligently pursue the task at hand. It also analyses the outer field data furnished by manasa, arrive at the right judgment, and accordingly guide how to react or respond to the external stimuli.

The irony, however, is that buddhi doesn’t act involuntarily. It needs to be consciously invoked. In the process, often ahamkara plays the trickster. More often than not, it identifies itself with the indwelling desires, and carried away by their impulses, gets tempted to blindly pursue them. Also, it gets caught up by the tempting influences of the glare and glitters of the seeming world, and makes them the desired destination. In both cases, ahamkara, which is supposed to take the final call, doesn’t care to bring buddhi into focus. Evidently, for want of due diligence, the probability of failure and success becomes equal. If per chance, success comes, it is taken as one’s own doing. If, however, one fails, instead of owning up one’s unintelligent moves, one prefers to take refuse in fate. It, thus, becomes incumbent upon us to remain conscious about keeping the faculty of discriminate intelligence always in active mode to avoid chances of casualty.

In the case under consideration, astrological pointers of the young man suggests that ahamkara seems to be playing the high horse. The 10th lord Sun identified with career aspirations, read together with high flying Uranus posited in lagna, deserves to be taken as the main markers. The Sun is conjunct lagna lord Mars in a youthful sign Gemini owned by Mercury. It is placed adverse to Mind signifying Moon, in the 11th house identified with fulfilment of desires. It is again opposite mischievous Neptune occupying the 2nd house identified with riches.  In the first place, it points to someone with very high ambitions in a hurry to make it to his self-designated destination. Second, he would be stuck to his delusionary dream perceptions, often distanced from ground realities. He may not accept truth on its first appearance. He will rather prefer moving on hope against hope till pushed to the wall. Third, he would be impulsive, who may at times gets tempted to move on instinctive judgment, without applying proper forethought. Fourth, given the sigh placement of Moon, he would be suffering from “I am the only right person syndrome.” Consequently, not simply it becomes difficult for him to digest contrarian views, he rather becomes overcritical of those offering it, even without applying reasons. The young man was accordingly suggested to weigh his opening statement as detailed in the previous issue in the above light.

This is not to suggest that the young man’s aspirational urges may not come true.  In fact, he has a very fertile mind.  For, wisdom oriented Jupiter extends its benevolent support to mind signifying Moon as well as Mercury, identified with intelligence. He, however, needs to be on full alert to keep these virtues in active mode. For that, he needs to address his above noted frailties without loss of time.  The good thing is that he has begun working in right earnest.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual  counsellor. Write to him at G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025 Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273  Email: pioneerqueries@bharatastro.com Website: www.bharatastro.com




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