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Astroturf : Train your mind for a smooth life

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Astroturf : Train your mind for a smooth life

Perception drives a being.  The way you look at and comprehend issues at hand is how you react or respond to a situation. And that is dependent on the unique character of each being, coming as it may with the way an individual mind is inherently framed.  That accounts for our virtues and attributes, as well as habits and weaknesses, and which sets the terms of how we look at life. And since we are armed with choice option, we remain subject to the cause-effect chain. What we go through in life makes a deep imprint in our mind and psyche, and which plays out in future.  Unless we consciously resolve our mental inconsistencies, they involuntarily keep influencing our usual conduct. The positives on the contrary, need to be invoked, honed, and consciously put to use.  Invariably, stuck to the usual musings of life, we seldom care to figure out our inherent frailties for necessary correction. We, therefore, usually become a victim of our own mental infirmities.

Let us now examine in above light the cause underlying a bitter family feud I was confronted with a couple of days back. A promising young man is engaged in a fight with none other than his own father, with mother playing a part from the background. If the conflict continues, not simply the persons concerned are to suffer, even the business may go for a beating, as the young man happens to be playing a pivotal role.  That kept me wondering as to what made parents go against their own son, who has been pursuing his duties and obligations efficiently.

Study of the man’s chart revealed that his family members suffered from identity crisis, carrying a sense of fear and insecurity. The irony, however, is that the man’s father is successfully heading a large organization, which is financially doing very well. Seemingly, that doesn’t justify their sense of insecurity. Yet, this mental inconsistency. But why?    

Look at the astrological pointers relating to the man’s father first.  The 9th sub-lord Mars, identified with the father, is tenanted in the 8th house (12th with respect to 9th). It implies, in the first place, is that he is susceptible to getting into self-undoing act. Second, his actions will hit the son hard as 8th house is identified with serious difficulties. But why? Mars is placed opposite mischievous Neptune, which points to his inferiority complex. Incidentally, the Sun, the natural signifying planet for father, is opposite Neptune, implying being stuck to his self-delusions. Also, the Sun is locked in adverse formation to its planet of nemesis Saturn. The obvious implication is that the man carries lot of negative imprints from the past, which in turn, has implanted a sense of fear and insecurity. When probed, it came out that he was subjected to lot of hardship as he was marginalised and forced to follow his father’s dictates in in his youthful days. That made a deep impact in his mind and psyche, and which is still playing the devil, despite having succeeded well later in life. And now he is unmindfully replaying on his own son, what was meted out to him earlier.

Now the mother, identified with the 4th sub-lord Venus, which occupies the 6th house along with restive Rahu.  Venus is locked in adverse formation to the Sun, implying volatile emotionality.  Venus being in opposition to Saturn points to being subjected to hardship and limitations, obviously because of her husband’s mental and material suffering during early married life. Venus is placed adverse to mischievous Neptune also, implying inferiority complex.  Incidentally the 6th house is identified with inimical forces.  Incidentally, Mars, the 9th sub-lord is tenanted in the lunar constellation owned by Rahu, which being together with Venus, the old couple join hands to cause difficulties to their son. 

No wonder, as the progressed Meridian became adverse to Uranus posited in lagna, the fight took an ugly turn.  Incidentally, transit Saturn is opposite the Sun to excite the seeds of negativity. Transit Saturn also opposite its dire enemy Mars has made the work atmosphere uncomfortable.  And the result is there to see. The obvious question now is: What’s the way out? The old couple not in touch with me, counselling them to reasons is beyond question. But fortunately the young man has a fertile and a reasoned mind, as wisdom signifying Jupiter is extending benevolent support to Moon, identified with mind. The young man was advised to act with prudence and patience and intelligently deal with his parents.  

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him atG-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273 Email: pioneerqueries@bharatastro.com Website: www.bharatastro.com




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