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Attachment with results is a painful luxury

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Attachment with results is a painful luxury

Fixation with the result of our efforts is unhealthy. Like Lord Krishna says, one should leave results to God, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI 

Why do I say this? Because we are very small and can have hardly any control over results. It is no wonder that Lord Krishna has warned about getting attached with results in many verses of The Gita. In verse # 2.47, the Lord repeats the warning twice to emphasize the point. In verse #2.49, the Lord calls persons who try to predetermine results pitiable.

What is our experience? I will cite some real life stories in this connection. A girl was chosen for the lead role in a serial, which was based on the idea that it pays to be good. This serial became a hit and was given the premier slot of the channel for maximum viewership. This went on for couple of years with the actress becoming a well-known public figure. Success does different things to different people; she fell in love with a married person. But with time, she realised that marriage with that person was not going to materialize. Still, she continued to pursue this objective. One day, when she became insistent on him getting a divorce, he left her instead. Attached as she was to getting married to this person, she committed suicide.

Another actress became very famous because of many Box Office hits in which she played lead roles. Not only was she a good actress but she possessed a nice figure too, which added to her attractiveness. Years passed and she began to age, which began to take its toll on her physique. To counter the ill effects of ageing she went on diet and started a more strict regimen of exercises. Being attached as she was to her figure, she overdid both dieting and exercising. This caused her serious health problems, which disrupted her acting career besides giving her a lot of avoidable pain.

The third story is of a preacher, who was associated with a religious organization. He was good in his knowledge of spiritual texts, which impressed his listeners. This they expressed by showing their appreciation. A point came when this man thought that he should have his own organization. He talked to some of his fellow preachers, who dissuaded him. But he dismissed their advice and spoke to a businessman, who had become his friend over the years. The businessman agreed to finance the initial expenses for setting up a place. The man tried to attract other donors, who were parts of his audience in the previous organization. Not many were prepared to shift their loyalty. After some time, he realized that this was a lost cause. His attachment had cost him dear.

The next story is of a businessman, who wished to be the biggest in his line. He started well and began to expand his operations. As his business was profitable, he could entice banks to give him loans generously. This was fine till there was drop in demand of his product. Now, he was stuck with overhead of all the different outlets he had opened. Interest on bank loans began to mount and his company became bankrupt. His attachment for being the topmost player in his line had ruined him financially and mentally.

From all these stories, it is clear that attachment with results can bring ruination. Therefore, it is wise not to do so. What are safeguards to prevent that we don’t suffer like the persons referred to in the stories did? The first thing to do is to consult others, who are knowledgeable about what should be one’s goals, similar to how one establishes one’s duties based on time, place and circumstances. One must be honest about all the relevant factors like what resources one has, his or her capabilities, time available, etc. Then comes the operational part. Then, the result must be left to higher authorities. For example, a student in choosing his career should be very clear about it in consultation with the related persons. Next he goes ahead with the necessary preparations like appearing in the relevant competitions, etc. Now the time has come to stop meditating about the result. Why? We are too small to ensure the result, and we know this in our hearts too. We feel terrible that we are so helpless. But we are not. God is there to help us. Do your duties and be peaceful.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com




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