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Astroturf: Be master, not slave of your mind

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Astroturf: Be master, not slave of your mind

We are all born with a sense of freedom deeply ingrained in our construct, which tempts us to live one one’s own exclusive terms, as a free-bird. The paradox, however, is that in real life, often we have to contend with self-conflicts, competing and conflicting interests. So, invariably, nothing comes easy in life. And when things don’t move on expected lines, we lose our sense of direction, often unmindfully ending up with unintelligent moves. The question now is: Are we capable of becoming a free-bird, or is it just our wishful thinking?

Well, if we look at our inlaid potential, we are all born perfect, in so far as the instrumentality of a being – the body-mind organism — is concerned, which if explored and unfolded in full, would know no limits. The paradox, however, is that our “Performing-Self”, ordinarily remains under cloud, coming as it may with a lot of elemental and self-acquired limitations. This restricts the scope of our vision. Mind, the prime-mover of a being, thus fails to have access to major part of the landscape or our mind, and thereby it’s unabridged powers.

Truth be told – we are hardly able to make use of five to seven per cent of our mind-power. If we could make optimal use of even this, we shall be able to negotiate the callings of life with relative ease and comfort. The irony, however, is that caught up in the vagaries of our own mind, we often misdirect a significant part of the mind-power towards unproductive ends.

We are thus, not left with enough to do justice to our aspirational urges. And when we fail to make it to our desire-destination, we often end up at crossroads, not knowing how to go about and which path to access. So, often, our life turns out be like a sea voyage with the other end of the shore not in sight. Yet the ship must sail to the designated destination.

Now, how to go about? Here comes the role of a navigator. They put to use the empowerment tools, and then guided by their intelligence pointers, lead you safely cruise through the best possible path. It will be interesting to note that there exists a navigator in all of us in the form of Buddhi — the faculty of discriminate intelligence. It enjoins upon us with the capacity to dispassionately analyse the choices in hand, filter off the undesirables, and pick up the right lead.

And then help us articulate ways and means to take the task in hand to its logical end with ease and comfort.  But Buddhi won’t come into play of its own. It needs to be consciously invoked, sharpened and put to use. Also, we shall have to be on full mental alert to keep the said empowerment tool in active mode.

The paradox, however, is that caught up in our aspirational urges, often our egotistical mind plays the spoiler. Identifying itself with inherent urges of mind, blindfolded it wishes to passionately pursue them. In the process, it often doesn’t care to invoke Buddhi for due diligence. Evidently then, there are every chances that you end up as a slave of your mental vagaries.

What’s the way out? Look within, identify your own fault lines, address them, and allow unabridged freedom to your mind-power to provide you with the right lead. You may then turn out to be the master of your own mind. Often our egotistical mind doesn’t let us dispassionately acknowledge our fault lines. Here comes the role of astrology as a diagnostic tool. For, it reads through the energy construct of a being to figure out one’s inherent trends. And energy knows no bias. To sum up, the real freedom means freeing the mind of all its limitations.  

Look at the astrological pointers of a person to showcase how being a slave of his mind-traits has lost his nerves. The main marker is his ruling planet the Sun, which shaded by restive Rahu, is placed adverse to Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter.

It implies a swaggering ego stuck to his own perceptions, and not open to listening or counsel. He has a negative mind-set, is judgmental, and habitually suspicious and overcritical of others. Lacks the sense of contentment even when he has enough. He is irritable. Added to that is mind signifying Moon, ill-disposed off to intelligence pointer Mercury, which is conjunct Rahu. It speaks of a restive mind, not allowing space to Buddhi for due guidance. And the result is there to see.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him at G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025

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