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Downloading God

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Downloading God

It is easy to get distracted by irrelevant thoughts and get distanced from God. What if He was like a downloadable software, asks SANT RAJINDER SINGH

Receptivity is a state in which we download God into ourselves. We can compare it with the way a  computer downloads information. Unfortunately, instead of downloading God, we are downloading the world into ourselves. How can we download God instead of the world to reap more spiritual benefits?

Think about how a computer works. A computer starts out as basic hardware. On its own, it can do nothing. To operate, software programs have to be downloaded to it. These software programs carry out different tasks and functions. Although all computers are basically the same, they operate differently based on the kind of software downloaded into it.

Human beings are like computer hardware. We are all born with the same basic operating equipment. We have a physical body, bodily systems, and the brain with its system of taking information from the body and senses. What makes us different is the kind of input that is downloading into our self over the course of our lives. We all download different types of input from the world. Most people only download information into themselves that comes from their body, their senses, and the outer world.

Receptivity is downloading software from God instead of from programs of this world. The soul is not interested in downloading the world with its enjoyment and entertainments. It wants to download the Divine and its bliss, love, and ecstasy.

If we identify with our true self, the soul, the computer operator of our body and brain, we too will find that downloading this world does not fulfill us. The soul is only nourished by the love and light of the Divine.

To be truly fulfilled, we need to download God. How can we do that? Meditation is the process of downloading God. When we meditate, our soul comes in contact with the vibrating principle of God, the current of light and sound. The point of connection is at the third or single eye, between and behind the two eyebrows. When we put our attention there, we begin the download process in which we connect with the light and sound of God. When that is complete, we are then connected to the entire network of God. We merge into the light and sound and can travel on the current through all the realms of creation, transcending realms of matter to enter realms of spirit. The ultimate end of the journey is merging back into God, an infinite ocean of consciousness and love.

When we download God into our system, we are actually merging our real nature back into our Source. We then tap into eternal wisdom, immortality, bliss, happiness, peace, and divine love. We transcend this world of pain and suffering to enter a realm with no death, no pain, and no suffering. We experience an ecstasy and love unknown to us in this physical world.

Meditation is a time to download God. However, what do most of us do in meditation? After stilling our body, instead of also stilling the mind, we continue downloading the world. This is where the problem begins. We are thinking during our meditation time. We are downloading our past. We are downloading our wishes for the future. We are downloading our thoughts of anger, lust, greed, attachment, and ego. We are downloading the desires of our senses into our lives.

Receptivity is downloading God in our meditation.

To download God, we need to keep our mind still. The spiritual Master is a master programmer who can make the connection between us and the light and sound. Initiation is like a computer expert connecting our computer to the programs we need. The Master can help us download God by teaching us the meditation technique on the inner light and sound. That is why Masters at initiation give five Words to repeat that are spiritually charged by their attention. The meditation practice, called simran, or silent repetition of these Words, has a special function. Repetition of these Words jumpstarts our attention to withdraw from the operating system of the body and mind to rise to a point where we can download the current of light and sound. The light and sound current connects us to the source of all love, wisdom, and bliss.

When we are paying attention to our thoughts during meditation, we are downloading the world. When we are not thinking, but keeping our mind still, we are able to download God. The repetition of the Words spiritually charged by a Master keeps our mind from intervening. Then, we can be open and receptive to receive the light and sound within us.

When we meditate and are distracted by thoughts, we can stop our thoughts in their tracks and ask, “Do I want to download worldly thoughts, or do I want to meditate?” This simple reminder can get us back on track to repeating simran and focusing our attention within. Every time thoughts intervene, we can ask ourselves whether we want to spend our meditation thinking or spend it being receptive to download whatever God wants to send us. If we can train ourselves to do this, we will form a habit. That habit will be that the mind remains stilled during meditation time. Then, we will see rapid results in our meditation and will swim in the ocean of love and bliss.

We have all day long when not meditating to spend time thinking. When we set aside time for meditation, we do not want to waste that time downloading thoughts of the world. We want to be open to download what God is sending us. When we are absorbed in the light and sound, we rise from consciousness of this world into spiritual consciousness in which we awaken to inner spiritual realms. We then soar through the astral, causal, and supracausal realms, until we reach the spiritual region of Sach Khand, from where the Source, God, emanates.

Receptivity — being like an empty cup, or being like a computer that downloads God — opens us up to receive the eternal treasures of God, and helps us swim in the ocean of unspeakable light, music, love, peace, joy, and bliss.

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