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There’s always a limit to how much we know about the future and what we can do about it. Having faith in God has no such restrictions, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

What is this fate, luck or destiny? The dictionary meaning is: the things that will happen or have happened to somebody. Fate even makes us its medium to punish or reward us. To get a full picture of fate, we must understand its working. There is a hierarchy with God at the top, the material nature with all its gods and goddesses in the middle, and we souls at the bottom. We can also see these three forming a triangle with all interacting with one another.

The material nature works under the superintendence of God, ie according to the rules and regulations formulated by God. God, in turn, creates or dissolves the material creation when time comes for such actions. The material nature or specifically gods and goddesses oversee all our material activities and reward or punish according to very complex calculations based on many factors. We deal with the material nature mainly through our bodies, minds and words, which are parts of the same material nature. Then come interactions between God and us. God helps us when prayed to. We are connected with Him. In return, He helps us besides giving us peace, happiness, etc.

The following facts about fate will further enlighten us. We can all agree that fate is what we bring from our past lives and keep building on it in the present one. Astrologers predict what our fate is likely to be. Unfortunately, they have no way of knowing what we have done so far in the present one or will do in the future. Therefore, their predictions can be faulty and should be taken with a pinch of salt. I personally know and have also heard from others that even the most famous astrologers could not prevent bad luck visiting them or their families because they just could not see the total picture.

Is astrology useless for us? No, it not. Good astrologers can predict future happenings, but they have no way to prevent them. They can help people become aware of them in order that they can make whatever preparations they can make to soften the blow. This is what astrology is all about. Anyone claiming to do something more is surely not rooted in reality and is trying to fool self and others.

In any case, knowing the future in all its details works against the cosmic design. For example, if we knew the exact timing of our death, life will become a pain because we will be counting backwards. Same goes for major diseases; we will begin suffering in anticipation. When we try to know the future or speculate about it in detail we suffer. We must restrict ourselves to be doing our duties at all times. We must focus on ‘kriyamana’, ie what we can do now. We cannot do a whole lot about ‘prarabdha’, ie what will come in the future.

Fate can be known generally and it is not against the cosmic design. This is knowing the fate based on the faith one has. However, faith in God doesn’t happen overnight; it builds ever so slowly over decades if one keeps on working at it. In most cases, this faith starts building in the previous life. One can be sure that a faithful person started much before the present life. There is one more conclusion one can draw that such faithful persons have generally good fate because they couldn’t be developing faith and doing heinous/sinful acts, which result in serious bad luck, at the same time. This is more true of persons born in the family of yogis. We can safely say that they won’t have real serious bad luck problem in their lives. If anything, they will build on their faith in their present lives, which will qualify them to be similarly born if they are not liberated after the present life.

Such faithful persons have another good thing going in their favour. Contrary to the general rule that fate must bear consequences, their fate can be overturned by their faith, i.e. by the intervention of God, because connecting with God is the highest karma, but this happens after the fate manifests. The Lord helps in overturning the fate by guiding proper action by the person concerned and intervening on his behalf. The same faith counters sad/depressive tendencies because one is sure to have God’s support.

Therefore, a wise person does all duties including that of connecting with God. He counters any fearful thought with a request to God for help. He secures his future with nice karmaphala, which include prescribed spiritual practices. Then, he won’t be impacted by the inevitable fate so negatively. He will have plenty of ‘atmabala’ or inner strength and God’s support. Faith will triumph over fate.




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