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God is not very emotional

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God is not very emotional

God cannot afford to be very emotional; He leads by example. So, what we need to learn from Him is to keep a check on our emotions, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

It is not my conjecture. Lord Krishna says so in The Gita verse #9.29 when He states, “I am similarly inclined towards all beings, no one is hateful for Me; and no one is dear.” This has a very important lesson for all of us. What is bane for most people? It is their emotions getting the better of their intelligence. Emotions have a place in our lives. Sans emotions a person is like a stone but to be driven solely by emotions definitely hurts. Even good emotions like appreciation can hurt if expressed wrongly. A person who appreciates without more justification, is considered a sycophant.

What is this emotion? This word has been defined variously. It is a strong feeling of any kind like love, joy, anger, hate and fear. When we are born, we have mainly three emotions, which are love, fear and anger. Excitement or disturbance of feeling on account of certain important events or thoughts is another way it is defined. The third definition is what forms the basis of bonding between different living entities.

We go to The Gita to learn about the origin of emotions. Lord Krishna states, “Emotions, they be good, passionate or bad, originate from Me only. (7.12) Deluded by these emotions under the three modes, ie goodness, passion and darkness, this whole world does not recognize Me, who is beyond these modes.”(7.13) We learn from this that emotions should always pass the test of proper intelligence, ie we must consider critically if what we are feeling is right or not. Eight emotions form the basis of all emotions. These are: Acceptance, anger, curiosity (interest), disgust, fear, joy, sadness and surprise.

Emotions are of three kinds. Good emotions like appreciation, joy, contentment, love, peacefulness and gratefulness are very good for our health both mental and physical, especially joy, which induces secretion of good chemicals such as serotonin, antioxidants, nitric acid, endorphins, etc. Attachment and lust are passionate emotions. These are deeply ingrained in our psyche. Conscious efforts should be made to put a check on them. The third kind of emotions are bad ones such as anger, greed, pride, hate, fear and depression. The last named emotion causes secretion of bad chemicals like toxins, depressants, etc.

How does one develop good emotions, which are not easy to have? This can be done by remembering their benefits. For example, if one has the quality of appreciating others, one can gain friendship anywhere in the world; everyone of us possesses this wealth unlimitedly but hardly ever uses it. The emotion of contentment helps one to keep one’s mental balance. Why are we so dissatisfied?  Because we don’t appreciate what all we have; our focus is on what we don’t possess. The quality of love endears us to others. This quality sustains the world. If there was no love, we will not exist, but it must be expressed more.

Peacefulness is necessary to be happy, however, its source is God only. Real peace can be obtained by linking with God by prescribed methods. Thankfulness endears us to others and qualifies us for further favours. Role models help us to inculcate these prime emotions. We can learn contentment from Albert Einstein, who refused the presidency of Israel; he was content with his work as a scientist. Mother Teresa is a prime example of a person who was happy; she came to India from Albania and stayed here to serve the poor. Helpfulness was displayed in plenty by a girl of the famous story, who kept her hand on a hole in a canal all through a very cold night.

Good emotions bring success. Who is sought after: a hero or a villain? Who would you like to associate with: a soft-spoken kind person or a foul-mouthed cruel person? Good emotions improve health. The benefits start from the mental level and, then, reach the physical level. Quality of life improves manifold.

How should one control bad emotions, which is not easy to do? Anger can be controlled by remembering what all losses we incurred every time we lost our cool, which we all do. Fear can be got rid of by linking with God, because in the ultimate sense He only can do so by giving us the perfect knowledge as also the fact of Him being omnipotent. Greed like anger hurts. This is a very common failing and we can do well by recounting our past experiences. Hate is the reason for most wars fought. At the personal level, relationships are destroyed when hate surfaces.

 Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com




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