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God, souls, and the material nature

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God, souls, and the material nature

Dharma is what links souls with God and nature. When understood well, it channelises the energies of life, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

We can classify everything that there is in three, ie God, souls and the material nature. For the purpose of this article, I am referring to souls, who are presently living on this earth planet. I am also including gods and goddesses — the exalted souls, who help in administering the affairs of this planet. I am not including the rest of the creation. In this article, let us try to understand the interrelationships between God, souls and the material nature. Let me start with God. Briefly introducing Him, God is omnipotent, ie He is all-powerful. There is nothing He cannot do, which can be evidenced by unlimited galaxies He has created. God is omnipresent, ie He is present everywhere in His manifest form. He incarnates in whatever form He feels necessary and when necessary. God is omniscient, ie He is aware of everything; nothing is unknown to Him.

Additionally, He is origin less. He creates everything including the material nature; He does not create souls who are also eternal. Divine forces, which include gods and goddesses, work under His superintendence.

As far as souls go, they must get everything directly or indirectly from God only, because a soul has the free will or power to desire and decide only, for which he enjoys or suffers the consequences. Unfortunately, we don’t realise the actual position and try to manage without seeking help from God and suffer.

Now let me take up souls in their ‘jeeva roop’, ie in their embodied forms like human beings. In the original form, a soul is eternal, consciousness and blissful, but as soon as it takes a human form and begins to identify the self as a material body, his troubles start. Whereas a soul is eternal, the material body is not. Therefore, an embodied soul begins to fear death. The feeling of eternity is finished. Similarly, a soul is conscious but once inside a material body, ‘maya’ — the illusory energy of the material nature covers this consciousness, and the soul becomes materially conscious, not spiritually conscious — the pure consciousness.

Then, there is the blissful state of a soul. This also gets covered and the embodied soul begins to worry; loses his peace of mind — the necessary ingredient of bliss. A soul begins to carry a heavy baggage of negative emotions. However, everything is not lost if one decides to take shelter of God, who is superior to maya, and begins to follow God’s instructions. Then, even in an embodied form, a soul can return to its original state of feeling of eternity, pure consciousness and blissful state.

Now we take up the material nature. It consists of three modes, which are : goodness, passion and darkness. These modes constitute whatever we see around us in varying proportion. Our bodies are also made up of these three modes. There are eight divisions of the material nature which are: earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and self-sense (ego). Besides jeevas like human beings, there are others like animals, bids, etc, who are also souls. Then, there are flowers, trees, etc, which are parts of the material nature, but do not have souls.

Divine forces, which include gods and goddesses control it. They put everything in motion and rain clouds form and it rains, etc. The material nature is such that everything appears upside down, ie what is bad appears good to us and vice-versa. Therefore, we need God consciousness to see properly. Due to the general ascendency of maya, the earth planet is a miserable place. (Gita 8.15) This material creation by its sheer nature gradually degrades as the lower modes overpower the highest mode of goodness. Then, dissolution takes place through God.

The sum and substance of the interrelationships between God, souls and the material nature is dharma, which must be followed. The moment we digress, we are in trouble. The material nature has been set on auto-pilot by God. He intervenes when He feels it is necessary. We can take advantage of the same by taking God’s shelter and by following His instructions dutifully.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com




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