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Importance of Satsang

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Importance of Satsang

Satsang brings us closer to truth so that we understand the purpose of life. It heals the soul and gives the body fresh energy, says SANT RAJINDER SINGH

When a fire is first lit, the flame needs protection from being extinguished. Similarly, we need to tend the spark of light illumining our soul. A spiritual master provides a protective shield around our spark to maintain it through a spiritual gathering called satsang. “Satsang” literally means “communion with truth.” It is a gathering in which we can discover who we are as soul, whether there is God, and how to meditate to experience these truths firsthand.

What are the benefits of attending satsang? People are searching for answers to the mysteries of life and death. They want to discover if there is really God, if there is a soul, if there is life after death, and what will happen to us when this life ends. These basic questions lead one to explore spirituality.

Spirituality is not only an intellectual study. Intellectual answers to questions about the mystery of life and death are not satisfying because one may still have doubts about whether or not they are true or not. One wonders if those who wrote or orally gave answers to these spiritual questions through the ages were right. The only answer that satisfies those who want proof is personal experience. Only when we can see for ourselves the truth of what was written in the scriptures or described orally by saints over centuries do we truly believe and have faith.

Spirituality is proven by firsthand experience. To attain this proof, we need to do more than read books and listen to lectures. We need to perform practices to experience inner spiritual truths. The process leads from this outer world to the inner world. It is a step-by-step scientific experiment. A Master teaches those steps so we can see for ourselves the inner proof of a spiritual existence.

It is not easy to find God. It is a process of withdrawing our attention from the world outside to focus within. Many worldly attractions draw our attention outward. It takes tremendous strength to resist outer diversions that keep our attention from meditation. So, we can know God, know our soul, and connect the two. To keep our attention spiritually focused, saints offer the gift of satsang.

Satsang offers protection to keep the flame burning. A hectic life leaves little time for spiritual practices. We need to find time in our daily routines for meditation.

Satsang provides a sacred space in which we can close the door to the world for an hour or two to focus on our soul and God. In a satsang meeting, people can meditate together. There are no distractions because all are meditating. The rest of the time in satsang is sent listening to spiritual discourses to remind us of our true purpose of life. The discourses, meditation, and spiritual charging of the satsang refocus our mind on the importance of meditation, ethical living, the vegetarian diet, selfless service, and attaining communion of our soul with God. It motivates us to put in time for meditation through the rest of the week. It recommends us to engage in spiritual practices on a daily basis.

Satsang awakens us to activities that are truly helpful. If we engage all week in worldly pursuits, satsang draws our attention to the spiritual side of life. Satsang is a wakeup call to people of all ages to spend some time daily communing with God within.

At satsang, we are reminded of the spiritual treasures within us and taught how to make the best use of initiation into the inner light and sound. If we look for spiritual gifts in the outer world, our mind will remain in doubt. It is only when we go within that we can remove all doubts and see for ourselves that we are soul and there is God.

We are all children of one God. The light and sound current is available to all. That is why the satsang of a Master teaching meditation on the inner light and sound is open to people of all religions, nationalities, cultures, ages, and walks of life. God wants all to return Home. Just as a mother feeds all her children, God has made the gift of the light and sound available to all who seek it. God does not discriminate between people of different religions or even those who are agnostic or atheists. God does not care if our skin color is dark or light, or whether our eyes are blue, brown, green, or black. God does not care if we are rich or poor, literate or illiterate. God provides a way for all to return Home. A satsang is a protective place in which people from all faiths can enter and commune with God within their own selves. The wine of God’s love is for the whole world. Saints and Masters have come to pour out without end so that the whole world may drink. Masters lovingly give the nectar of the light and sound to all who are thirsty.

God has entrusted the saints with the task of bringing the lost children back Home. The saints walk the earth in search of souls crying to return to God. Many people have the idea that the saints come to take back only saintly people. There is a false idea that one must already be holy and perfect to come to the satsang of a saint. However, if we look back through history we find that every saint came to help anyone crying for the Lord, whether a pious person or a sinner.

When one plants a young tree, the sapling is in danger of the forces of nature that may knock it down. To protect the sapling, one puts a small hedge around it. Besides meditation and ethical living, satsang also offers a protective hedge that helps our tree of spirituality to grow. When new to the spiritual teachings it is easy to become diverted from our goal by the many temptations that bombard us. Satsang provides a protective hedge to remind us to meditate. It focuses us on leading an ethical life. It helps us stay on the vegetarian diet. It gives us a chance to cleanse and purify ourselves through selfless service.

 Our growing tree receives at satsang the nourishment of the charging and blessings of the saint. It fills us from our roots to our branches with love, grace, and spiritual upliftment.

Satsang is the protective shelter of a fire-pit that protects the flames from being exposed to the heavy rains and winds of a passing storm. The charging of the satsang helps to speed our progress on the spiritual way so we can attain our goal of the soul’s union with God.




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