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Respecting one’s time and intelligently channelising energy is the first step towards leading a spiritually rich life, says Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

What else can explain someone not following God’s instructions in spite of all the benefits doing so brings. It is not that most people do not have faith in God. A modern man is quite logical due to greater awareness — a result of wider knowledge.

A literate person knows that God incarnates, and also worships various incarnations of God, but as I will explain later in the article he is not serious about connecting with God; such worship is more of a ritual and not so much a desire to link with God faithfully. Then, there are scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita, whose teachings have stood scrutiny over the ages and have never been challenged or disproved. We still refuse to follow its instructions.

There have been soothsayers like Nostradamus and Baba Vanga, who made many accurate predictions. Some of them happened centuries later. No scientist has ever come forward to try to explain the phenomenon in the normal scientific way. Such prophecies can only be explained by the fact of our existence as spirit souls, who are eternal, the fact of all happenings occurring due to the cause and effect theory, and the existence of God and His various energies comprising of the material nature and its overseers. If these facts are not adequate, there are recorded details of miracles happening over the centuries, which again like the milk miracle, no scientist has been able to explain with scientific theories.

Examples like of Shanti Devi confirm in all its details that we, souls, incarnate, i.e. take rebirths. Personalities like Shankaracharya have shown how one can live a life in communion with God and be immensely benefited. Astrologers and palmists, the good ones, do prove to us that there is continuity between our past lives and the present one. All this is possible due to spiritualism. Then, why do we want to live in denial of such confirmed facts? Because we are so overcome with lust that it does not suit us to show faith in spiritualism. The following facts will show how lust dominates our psyche.

President of a powerful country has a great weakness for pretty women. So what does he do? He not only marries, whoever takes his fancy most but then divorces her once the attraction has waned. He is not satisfied with having a beautiful woman as a wife, he goes ahead and has affairs with other women. And to protect himself gets these other women to sign non-disclosure agreements for large sums of money to keep them quiet. Lust is completely in charge. Could anyone have done what this man does if he was impressed by spiritual truths?

Call drops have become very common these days. Why? Most people are busy on their cellphones. And we all know that the activity there is not always the best use of one’s time and energy.

If lust of this kind was not bad enough, drinking is very common. Not only do people spend a lot of their money for this habit but also destroy their health. Are they not aware that we as souls are journeying eternally? People addicted to smoking do not even care for the health of their near and dear ones, especially very young children, never mind their own. Are they not in denial about what our scriptures tell us? Now we come to the tongue, which keeps on hurting us till the very end. One person I know destroyed her liver to such an extent that she was stricken with liver cancer. She suffered terribly before dying. She loved to eat red chilies.

Diabetic patients routinely eat sweets hiding this fact from their family members. Same is true of people with high blood pressure, who just cannot manage with less salt. Do you think that any of these persons are complete morons? No, they are aware of the reality of God but because of their lust, they must live in denial, otherwise how can they justify what they do. Lust which represents materialism in its worst form drives people to such an extent that they are not afraid to destroy themselves, even when they could just as well have adopted spirituality and lived a very fruitful life. No, they don’t because they allow materialism to completely overpower them. This is best done by denying the existence of God. When you cannot meet the standards of spirituality, then it is better to question it and turn atheists.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com  




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