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One should live life by the day

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One should live life by the day

What’s my life span,” someone came asking the other day.  “This question is uncalled for”, I countered. What is important for you is to work towards improving your quality of life, and which could be achieved though conscious efforts. We all know that our life will come to its end one day, which can’t be conquered.  And why bother for something due much later in life, and which can’t be determined in finite terms? After all, what makes you ask this question? “Well, my diagnostic report as analysed by expert doctor suggests that I am vulnerable to blood cancer sooner or later. That has hit hard my performance level.  I am now really worried about my children’s future.” The man responded.

Well, I am not a medical expert to either concur doctor’s observation or counter it. All that I know is that if there is an ailment, medical science has grown enough to successfully address them also. It includes even blood cancer, which is being treated successfully.  When India gained independence, the average survival rate those days was hardly 50 years, which by now has risen to 70 years.  This doesn’t anyway mean that the map of the heaven — planetary line up in the cosmos — has undergone such radical change as would grant longer length of life to such a large populace of this nation. Truth remains that medical science has meanwhile grown.  Also, well equipped health care facilities are now available across the length and breadth of the country. People have become health conscious. And this has come about through conscious human efforts.

In so far as securing the future of your children is concerned, you need to pay due attention to your work in immediate terms. That alone will facilitate earning enough to take care of their needs. And there is no short cut towards that end. Instead, you have been living with assumed fear since the doctor’s advisory, unnecessarily brooding and contemplating on the probable fallout of early departure from the world.  Consequently, your career priorities seems to have taken a back seat, and with obvious consequences.

What is important for you is to live by the day, paying due attention to your priority preferences. In the first place, it calls for coming out of your mental mess so that your thought process takes a positive turn. But for which, the work spirit will not improve. Your confidence level will remain low, and you will lack the fighting spirit necessary to combat any challenges coming your way, be it on health count or whatever. Second, make concerted efforts to improve your immunity level, under the care of experts, in order to keep ailments at bay.

Let us now look at the man’s astrological pointers. First, his possible life span and health concerns. Mercury happens to be the common lord of both the lagna navamsha as well as the 64th navamsha from lagna. Mercury, though occupies its sign of debilitation, but being in retrograde motion, will in fact give the result of exaltation. It simply implies that though he may go through low phase in life, but is assured of a long life, which in astrological parameters will mean more than 66 years. His immunity, however, seems to be low.  For, ailment signifying 6th lord Saturn occupies the lagna sign owned by the Sun. The lagna sub-lord Venus too occupies the 6th house. Linkage of the lagna and 6th house makes one disease prone. Association of Rahu with Saturn in the lagna sign points to aggressive disease. Lagna lord Sun in the 8th house makes one susceptible to serious difficulties in life. But the final arbiter in terms of ailments will be the 6th sub-lord, which happens to be Moon, which is conjunct unpredictable Neptune, and locks horns with Mars and Rahu, and Saturn. Moon occupies the nakshatra owned by Mercury, the 11th lord placed in the 8th house. Whereas it indicates being vulnerable to long drawn disease, but being 11th lord, it does promises recovery also. So, why carry fear of early death? Better pre-empt disease by improving the immune system. And if at all health issues arise, combat it medically.

Given the placement of Moon as detailed above, what is even more important is to keep your mind-self in shape. For, it points to a negative mind-set, stuck to self-delusions, which unless corrected, will not allow him live in strength. The good thing is that sense of reasons seems to have dawned upon him, and has since been working hard to overcome his mental inconsistencies.            

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him at G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025 Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273 Email: pioneerqueries@bharatastro.com Website: www.bharatastro.com




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