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Walking on thin ice

Sunday, 21 May 2017 | Meenakshi Rao | in Agenda

Dr Brian Anderson, Senior Research Fellow at the Antarctic Research Centre with the Victoria University of Auckland, tells MEENAKSHI RAO about New Zealand’s ice plummet. Excerpts: New Zealand has a unique process of advancing and retreating cycles when it comes to its glaciers. What is the phase now? There was a...

Rabdentse tells Sikkim’s story of glory

Sunday, 25 Dec 2016 | Somen Sengupta | in Agenda

The walls and floor of this ruinous city reveal a thousand stories of power and glory, and also carry the burning torch of the rich Indian heritage, which not many of us are aware of, writes Somen Sengupta This is a little known fact that under the shadow of the majestic...

The unknown royal city

Sunday, 30 Oct 2016 | Somen Sengupta | in Agenda

Those with the knowledge of history will be astonished after learning of the rich legacy of Agartala, writes SOMEN SENGUPTA It is tough to find Tripura on the map of India. The small State, which is landlocked from three sides by Bangladesh, is mostly in the news for political reasons. Its...

A weekend getaway with a difference

Sunday, 02 Oct 2016 | Suresh Srinivasan | in Agenda

At the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, the chances of spotting tigers are bright in May and June. The park is also home to leopards, a wide variety of reptiles and birds, such as greylag goose and kingfishers, writes Suresh Srinivasan The desire to experience a safari with tiger sighting had been...

A day trip to Lake Como

Sunday, 11 Sep 2016 | Kushan Mitra | in Agenda

Of all the alpine lakes that dot Austria, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, Lake Como on the northern border of Italy is by far and away one of the most stunning. If you find yourself with a day to spare in Milan, you absolutely have to go there, writesKushan Mitra Travelling to...

In the shadow of a modern monk

Sunday, 14 Aug 2016 | Somen Sengupta | in Agenda

Almora was Swami Vivekananda’s favourite abode in the hills, writes Somen Sengupta In mid-19th century, India was at the cusp of a new awakening that took it on the path of modernisation. It was a new dawn for millions of Indians who had been deprived under the Mughal rule for almost...

The individual’s responsibility in a democracy

Sunday, 14 Aug 2016 | VALLABH BHANSHALI | in Agenda

Correct understanding of citizenship and democracy should be inculcated among school students, says VALLABH BHANSHALI We are so used to complaining and cursing when the roads are flooded, water supply stops, trains are dirty, schooling is corrupt or inaccessible, and over a thousand other things. Occasionally, we also laud the Government...

My way or No(r)way

Sunday, 24 Jul 2016 | Suresh Srinivasan | in Agenda

Encompassing mountains, glaciers, and the vast expanse of majestic fjords are truly the hallmark of Norway, also famously called the land of the midnight sun, writes Suresh Srinivasan My most memorable vacation till date also happens to be my first solo backpacking trip. I have always been fascinated by places that...

Taking cancer by the throat

Sunday, 24 Jul 2016 | Dr Vikas Goswami | in Agenda

More than 60,000 cases of throat cancer are diagnosed every year in India. Dr Vikas Goswami talks about the treatment and preventive measures Cancer, as we all know, is a set of diseases in which abnormal cells grow, multiply and divide uncontrollably in the body. These abnormal cells form malignant growths...

Romancing colonial heritage

Sunday, 26 Jun 2016 | Somen Sengupta | in Agenda

With memories good and painful, the idyllic hill town Mcleod Ganj stands apart. It has regained its position as the perfect hill retreat and its glory is burning as bright as the flickering flame of Buddhist butter lamps, says Somen Sengupta A baby born in Calcutta many years ago still maintains...



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Renowned classical singer performs ragas

19 Jul 2018 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

The classical music lovers of the city witnessed a mild evening with the ragas presented by one of the renowned classical singers Sandeep Sharma. He presented his performance at Ram Krishna Mission Ashram on Wednesday...

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