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Trendz 2017

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Trendz 2017

For a beautiful home

Smart devices will enter homes to enhance security and ensure a comfortable lifestyle. Controlling the doors, electric appliances etc remotely will soon become a necessity with millennials spending most of the time out of their homes. Inter-connected devices will create the buzz in home decors and apart from providing real-time updates, these will be able to perform tasks on their own by mimicking the user behaviour.

Bedrooms are going to become the ultimate retreat with Bohemian and hygge on a  rise. The free-spirited vibe and colourful aesthetics of bohemian decor would appeal to the maximalists and artsy while the Danish lifestyle trend — hygge will be embraced by modern decor lovers, owing to its inclination towards soft pastels and functional furniture. Upholstered headboards, fur throws and bed linen will flood the market.

Fame is going to last a lot longer than 15 minutes for velvet, as this is going to be a big fabric for 2017. Dark hues and upholstered headboards are a sure shot trend for the upcoming year and both look the best in this luxe fabric. Faux fur will be the solace for the lovers of aesthetics and rose gold and copper accessories will see backs turned towards them as brass and antique finished gold will spread their charm in 2017. Tufted sofa with nail-head trims will exit the living rooms to open up space for minimalistic contemporary sofas.

Eco-friendly and natural materials are going to top the charts as terracotta lamps and planters, cork walls and furniture made from rattan are going to grace homes of both the traditionalist and moderns. Windows will get bigger. For the kitchen, bathrooms and dining areas, expect a combination of wood, stone and stained marble to turn these spaces into pleasantly eclectic and purposeful.

Charcoal, navy blue, aubergine, emerald, marsala and grape colours will slide smoothly into 2017 to prolong their dominance. While these are going to make all the headlines, taupe will be the dark horse that is going to carry the baton.

— Prasoon Shrivastava, founder-CEO www.helpmebuild.com

Men should have fun too

It has always been a chaos to decide what to wear, especially when it’s your friends’ wedding. Girls somehow manage to decide from a huge variety of attire they can go for. But for men, it’s always limited stripped kutras or shirts. Here we’ve some sophisticated-but-stylish clothing collection for men to go from mehndi to haldi, shaadi to reception.

  • An off-white blazer with off-white pant can make you a total eye candy for people out there at your friends’ wedding. Taking on nerdy spectacles can totally make you spectacular.
  • Contrast pairing of pant and blazer can be pompoused whole evening and can never go out of the trend. Green blazer and off white pants are on the go for this season.
  • Nehru coat is something which symbolises our cultures’ couture. This season pair a Nehru coat with a yellow shirt and brown pant and flaunt your styling streak.
  • Just go off the beat and mark a trend of your own by pairing a yellow pant with an off white straight collar shirt and a matching blazer with confidence in your eyes & rock the event like a showstopper.
  • Be a choosy of your own kind go sophisticated with a light green shirt, off-white colored pant and a cool-cum-trendy silk scarf and show-off how to be the charm of the evening.

In vogue

Velvet crush: It’s no secret we’re loving this blast-from-the-past trend, not just because velvet and its similar blends (like suede) are überluxe, but also because the fabric instantly amps up a look from casual to let’s-get-this-party-started. And clearly, all our fave celebs are into it!

Cutout to standout: A peek of the waist, a sliver of abs, there’s no denying that skin is in. The cutout style is a bonafide hit on the red carpet and is the perfect way to bring sexy back to the party, without too much or actual skin show if that makes you conscious. Pick from slashes, slits, and cutouts in an array of geometric shapes.

Cape culture: It doesn’t matter whether it’s an ethnic ensemble or a super modern one, capes are everything right now, and will continue to be in the New Year. They instantly take the outfit from drab to fab, and also help cover flabby arms if that’s a problem. No better way to add a touch of drama to your look, without really doing much.

Bauble blast: Just like Anna Dello Russo says, accessories are like vitamins to fashion — they truly change your style game. This season, pick classic, contemporary pieces. Those are versatile enough to pair with ethnic or western looks. Sexy hand harnesses and cool double rings, anyone?

Saree 2.0: The great thing about the saree is that it’s constantly reinvented to create brand new looks with the same nine yards. Contemporary saree styles are having a huge moment right now with half sarees, saree gowns, cape sarees and three-piece saree sets.

— Rashi Menda, CEO and founder of Zapyle

Style guru

Dos & Don’ts

  • Be true to yourself when dressing up. Don’t go with the  flow to look different and fashionable.
  • Avoid fusion clothing. It just leads to a cluster look, nothing else.
  • Incorporate more cotton, linen and handloom saris for day to day wear. You can never go wrong with it.
  • Avoid legging with short kurti. It is one of the  biggest fashion faux pas. Go for mid length capes with tunics and pencil pants.
  • Don’t even look at digital prints or illogical print with multiple colours.
  • Go for solid colours with intricate detailing and sharp edging.
  • Invest in beautifully crafted dupatta, scarves and stoles to pep up the look.

With the world rapidly moving towards globalisation, it’s important to preserve the cultural identity but at par with international standards of minimalism and detailing in it. So the newest trend is going to be normal and easy, so as to adapt modernisation without compromising on our Indian roots. The very idea of looking different is taking a back stage vis-a-vis looking good.

— Karan Arora

- The bespoken Craftsmanship

The year is set to say goodbye but are you ready to welcome the New Year? If no, then don’t worry here are some fashion trends and tricks which will make you ready for the coming year.

Waves:  Time to get those soft curves. 2017 is all about those soft curves and waves. So it’s time to keep your straightners aside and just go with the overdose of messy and shiny lengths.

Slogans speak out loud: Weather it says “girl Boss” or “it’s my time” wear all such lines with sheer confidence and elegance. It’s time get those punchy T-shirts back on roll. Keep clam and let the slogans speak it all for you.

Off shoulder top: The trend which started in mid 2016 is going to be carried forward in 2017 too. Off shoulder tops are going to be in fashion at least for the coming year, so reserve your off shoulders and be ready to give an add on to them.

Magenta: Here is the color of the year, whether it is your clothing, blushes, nail paints or lipsticks. This is going to be the on the go color for all, in the coming year. Get some drank shades in your vanity and wardrobe for the coming year. 

Boots: This time, it is all about getting booted up, yes girls, this season boots are not just limited to the male professionals, you can also shoe up. So get them all in black, tan brown, brown and welcome the year in a new way.

— Yashodhara Shroff,

Founder & Director, Styletag.com

Colour me red

Home is where the heart is. One extremely important factor that plays a huge role is colours. Begin from the floor as flooring will be the base for all the other colours, textures and patterns you choose — be it the walls, furnishings or furniture.

Lighter shades to ceiling:There is no denying that white is an excellent colour for ceilings. It is advisable to go for lighter colours. Dark colours make a room look dark and small. Also, a ceiling which is lighter than the walls feels higher and creates a sense of space.

Colour the walls: Painting the walls with one single colour gives a sense of uniformity. However, a different colour for every room is also a good idea as it lends some variety to the home. While choosing varied colours, avoid extremely different shades. One interesting way to introduce variations would be to highlight one main wall in each room. An interesting alternative to general wall paint could be ceramic and vitrified wall tiles.

Effect of colours: Those who study colours say that there can be three basic effects of a colour — active, passive and neutral. Thus, when it comes to choosing colours for your home, opt for tones which your family members like, colours which are soothing and have a relaxing effect.

For example, red is said to be an intense colour, which when used in a living or dining room, enthuses people to engage in conversations and come together. Yellow is perceived of as a joyful colour which invites positivity, optimism, energy and happiness. Blue is considered as a calming colour which relaxes and soothes the senses. Green is undoubtedly a refreshing colour which promotes warmth, youthfulness and togetherness.

— Ketan Trivedi, Senior GM, Marketing, H&R Johnson.

Quote Unquote

Indulge in Fusion cuisine

The growing trend of fusion cuisine, which is taking over the world by storm, is a must watch out for in 2017 as the beauty of it comes not just from the adventurous amalgamation of flavors, but is rooted in the idea of a coming together of global cultures. Fusion food essentially fuses or brings together two or more different tastes, flavour and presentation techniques, in order to create an enhanced version of the original food or make dishes in a traditional way but present it with a different look, to add to its appeal. Over the years, the technology advancement has done wonders and brought to us the magic of the eclectic flavors and dishes through fusion cuisines. There are a quite a few good examples of perfect blends of exotic flavors of Indian food with a completely different way of presentation. But, there is very thin line between making "confusion" instead of "fusion" food, as sometimes people digress from the very objective by going haywire with experimenting, which gives way to a totally misleading flavor. So this is something that one must be careful of while indulging in fusion cuisines!

— Nitin Jain, executive sous chef at

Radisson Blu MBD Hotel, Noida

Gastro cocktails

In 2017, the restaurant industry will move towards more creative and mature creations and gastro cocktails will trend. In food, more regional and street food specialities will be seen on menus. It’ll bring back the revival of your favourite North Indian cuisine in a contemporary way. We are launching a new brand in 2017 called Too Indian that will focus on authentic Indian food which will bring back the memories of good old Nani-Dadi ke Jamane se

—  VARUN PURI, Owner, Imly restaurant

Right Experimentation is the key

2017 will belong to concept restaurants catering to wider audience who are open to experimentation with the international cuisines. Experimentation becomes important to break the monotonous and have the right balance of both the classic and new flavours. The Indian palette is about having dishes which are mass accepted and yet international at the same time. In today’s times, one just can’t do without Art of Presentation. This increases visual taste of the place and enhances your appetite and enjoyment of the food that is being served. Balancing variety and contrast of dish is the key factor to be kept in mind while plating. It is good to have a variety of textures on the plate, but how these textures are combined is just as important.

— PRIYANK SUKHIJA, owner of Lord of the drinks, Tamasha

Be a foodie

The following food items are going to be in huge demand with instant acceptability:

Purple power: As far as the coming year is concerned, ‘purple power’ will rule the roost with recipes, packaged snacks and other food items of purple hue, including purple asparagus, purple cauliflower, purple sweet potatoes and many more.

Wellness tonics: There are going to be bottled beverages sold in malls and hypermarts that pack powerful benefits from ingredients such as turmeric, apple cider vinegar. Turmeric has shown to have anti-viral and anti-flammatory properties for centuries. Similarly, apple cider vinegar helps in regulating blood sugar and boost digestive the health. So these are going to become very popular and in demand.

Coconut everything: This ingredient, which has existed for a very long time, will be the new super product and will be used for making dishes, like coconut tortilla, sandwich wraps  and many other items.

— Mihir Kiron Mukherji, executive chef at Radisson Blu Agra

Tech take

In 2017, technology will continue to envelop the entire ecosystem to become a quintessential part of our lives. One of the trends that will continue to drive synergies amongst businesses is Internet of things. Consumer durable industry is already witnessing this trend. Here are a few more trends to watch out for:

Smart homes

Many tech organisation and architectures have started working on the Smarthomes in Japan. These homes comprise of complete home solutions ranging from roof-top solar panels to appliances to switches, to energy storage to name a few.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence and machine learning has taken massive strides in the recent past. This year, we can expect some more updates in the form of consumer applications.

Augmented reality

Another captivating tech trend is augmented reality and virtual reality which has already taken the business by storm and is projected to explode further in the next year. This phenomenon can be seen in the burgeoning smartphone industry as it will be interesting to see the integrations between physical and digital realities.

Besides some of the technological advancements, watchout for 6K resolution cameras, laundry-folding features in washing machines and invisible TV.

— Manish Sharma,

President & CEO, Panasonic India & South Asia & executive officer, Panasonic Corporation

IT is here to stay

As innovations in the digital era continue to explode, here are some of the prominent trends which are expected to define 2017:


As per the 2017 forecast released by Infogix (a leadership software solutions company), more and more organisations will continue to adopt Hadoop. With this, data structuring will be simplified and organisations will be able to crunch large volumes of data with advanced analytics.

Heuristic automation

Heuristic automation is one of those promising disruptive concepts which hold the potential of setting a new milestone for existing IT business standards. As the name suggests; it is the most recent innovation in technology that works in an auto pilot mode on logically deduced outcomes, just as a human administrator. It’ll be finely capable of making decisions on its own using the mathematical algorithms and the self-learning that it receives from different processes.

Internet connectivity

2017 is expected to revolutionise the way devices have been interacting. According to a report by Business Insider, 34 billion devices are expected to be connected by Internet by 2020.

Mobile-based applications

The rise of mobile-based applications has led to technological innovation that made things easier like booking cabs, getting food delivered, making reservations, getting service professionals and many more.

Although the sector is still in the development stage, it is expected to take a flight in 2017 with the use of an improved and efficient technological system which would have the competency to offer more human like experience.

— Archana Sharma, Senior Director, Xavient Information Systems

Get, set, go

According to Chhavi Chadha, founder and curator Bespoke: “Europe and the US are giving way to more exotic and exclusive destinations like Cuba, Iceland, Croatia, Myanmar, Portugal and Sri Lanka. In India, adventure destinations for scuba diving, sky diving, a hot air balloon ride, beach settings and jungle tree houses are in demand for the discerning. Surfing in Sri Lanka to language lessons in Costa Rica to heli-skiing and ice fishing in northern Canada.”

For 2017, destinations like Goa, Udaipur and specially Coorg will become even more popular. Powdery white sand islands of Thailand, Boracay, Maldives, Vietnam will stay in demand. Cruise celebrations in Rivera towns of South Italy, Croatia and France will gain even more popularity. Indians will want more experiences like the Sunrise at Angkor Wat, witnessing the cherry blossoms in Japan and  wine tasting in Tuscany.

Manmeet Ahluwalia, marketing head, Expedia India tells you that as far as domestic destinations are concerned, Phwangpui in Mizoram, a much lesser discovered haven, will become a preferred travel spot. “Other places that will rule the roost in 2017 will be Chadar Trek, Ladakh or The Frozen River expedition is one of the most unique and challenging treks in India. Yercaud in Tamil Nadu is dotted with waterfalls and greenery all over. Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a must visit for its adventure sports, wildlife watching and trout fishing.”

Solo travel is another trend that will see more participation. Under 35 years of age people will wish to enjoy the destination and experience the local culture. Short haul international sectors of Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand will remain a favourite for travel and shopping,” Ahluwalia says.







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