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Cops solve murders’ mystery, but leave sting in probe tail

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Cops solve murders’ mystery, but leave sting in probe tail

Two months after the sensational murder of four women of Jindal family along with their security guard in East Delhi's Mansorvar Park area on October 7, Crime Branch on Wednesday said that they have arrested five persons in connection with the murders.

The accused have been identified as Vikas (26), Anuj (25), Sunny (22), Neeraj (37) and another Vikas alias Vicky, said Alok Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime).

The officer said, “The motive behind the murders was robbery. The plan was hatched by the security guard, Rakesh who in connivance with his son Anuj, son in law Vikas and their five friends first entered the residential premises, slit the throat of the four women and made away with cash and jewellery.

The breakthrough came on Tuesday night when during sustained interrogation, Rakesh's son in law, Vikas confessed to committing the crime. At his instance, Anuj, Sunny, Vicky and Deepak were arrested. Since Vikas was working at the GTB hospital, he had knowledge on how to slit the throat with precision.” The officer said that they are looking for two more persons, Nitin and Deepak, suspected to be involved in the murders.

The officer denied about property dispute as the main motive behind the murders.

However, contradicting the line of investigation taken by their counterparts in Crime Branch, a senior police officer of the Shahdara district which led the investigation earlier on Wednesday told The Pioneer, “Branch had made the arrest in a hurry without linking the evidence with the accused. If we go by the standard investigation, we submitted the finger prints to the Forensic Science Laboratory but they did not forward it to the Crime Records Research Office. So they made the arrests without waiting for the finger prints report.

The Crime Branch further claimed to have arrested the men on the suspicion that they fled the crime scene. But we found in our investigation that after the PCR call was made that day, the son and son in law of guard came to the crime scene on hearing about their father’s death. Moreover, since the men they have arrested were residents of Baghpat, how can the Crime Branch establish the point that these men first left the crime scene at 5am on the morning of October 7, went back to their homes in Baghpat and returned to the Jindal residence at 11am, hoodwinking the local police. Their theory is baseless. These are some of the crucial links which the Crime Branch missed out while making the arrests,"

On the other hand, the Crime Branch defended their stance saying, “The local police did not take the statement of the Jindal’s maid, Rani seriously. She had informed the local police how she saw relatives of Rakesh loitering around near the MS park residence. Moreover, they did not verify about the criminal background of Vikas and Anuj. These two have previous criminal imvolvements.”

Talking about the sequence of events on the night of the murder, on October 6, Alok Kumar said, “The robbery was hatched by Rakesh, the 42-year-old security guard. In August, on the occasion of Rakshabandhan, he went to his village in Baghpat where he confided with his family members about the wealth of the Jindal family. Rakesh’s son, Anuj and son in law Vikas roped in their friends, Neeraj, Deepak, another Vikas alias Vicky and Sunny (nephew of Vikas, the son in law).

Accordingly, they did a recce on the evening of September 25, Vikas along with Sunny and Anuj came to Mansarovar Park area and met Rakesh. After doing the recce, the accused left and went to Baghpat and finalized the plan. On October 6, they all assembled at Loni, took two auto rickshaws till Mansarovar Park. They reached the residence at 1am.”

Kumar said, “For close to two hours, they killed the four women, ransacked the floor, broke the lockers and almirah and before leaving, Anuj and Vikas thought that since Rakesh is a guard, he might spill the beans to the police so Vikas slit his throat and they left the premises.

They all then walked to a nearby park near GTB hospital where they counted the stolen valuables, dividing Rs 2 lakh cash and jewellery among themselves. By 5am, they left the park and left for the respective homes.”

The sleuths of Stars 2, Eastern Range, working along the Shahdara district police made a breakthrough on Tuesday night when during sustained questioning, Vikas broke down and confessed about his involvement in the robbery cum murders.

Crime Branch worked on an input that the accused who slit the throat of the victims had prior knowledge where to hit so as to kill the victims instantenously.

“While trying to work on this input, it came to notice that Vicky, the son-in-law of Rakesh, was working in GTB hospital as a sweeper. He has worked in various departments of GTB hospital and has knowledge about the vital organs of the human being. The close watch on the movements of Vikas was kept and during sustained interrogation, he broke down and confessed his crime,” said the Joint CP.

Telling about the role of Rakesh, the officer said, “Rakesh hailed from Baghpat and had been working as the security guard from past 15 years.

The accused further disclosed that before the robbery, they all had switched off their phones keeping in mind from one dacoity case in Faridabad where associate of Anuj was involved. Learning from his friend’s experience, Anuj asked them all to switch off their phones and switch it on only after they reached their respective homes. This way they could distract the cops.



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