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It’s miscarriage of justice, cry Nirbhaya’s parents

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It’s miscarriage of justice, cry Nirbhaya’s parents

Having faced the worst after they lost their 23-year-old paramedical daughter on the fateful night of December 16, 2012, parents of Nirbhaya lamented the miscarriage of justice.

“My daughter’s name is Jyoti Singh and I am not ashamed of it. Those culprits who committed the crime should be ashamed of revealing their identity, not I,” said Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Singh.

Later, speaking to a TV channel, she said that justice has been denied to them as they are ordinary people. “Had the same thing happened to the daughter of a Minister, the culprit would have been punished and the law would have been changed,” she said.

“I am an ‘ill-fated’ father and wish that no parents should suffer to see their daughter succumb to such injuries. I am the unlucky father who had cremated his daughter. I am learning to move on ever since,” said Nirbhaya’s father Badri Singh, while participating in a remembrance meeting on Wednesday.

They went on to question judiciary, Government, media and society, and asked, “Why only on December 16, Nirbhaya is remembered?” The parents further expressed their helplessness over the Juvenile Justice Act and said, “Had reforms been in place and the Juvenile Justice Act would have been amended, we won’t be discussing juvenile’s release today.”

Asha questioned, “Those who are talking of the law today, had their daughters were in place of mine, would they be talking in the same language?” On being asked how she felt on the JJ Act Reform Bill that is stuck in the Rajya Sabha and can’t be passed due to ruckus going on in Parliament, she said, “These Ministers are not making a move as they are not hit by the reality. Their daughters roam in car safely and ours commute on foot or local buses. Why would they hurry for the reform?”

“There are endless heinous crimes committed ever since my daughter died, I demand severe punishment for the culprit,” she shot in anger. “When someone commits henious crime, we should not let them off lightly considering their  (tender) age,” she added.

Backing Nirbhaya’s parents, National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Lalitha Kumarmanglam said, “The four guilty of Nirbhaya are behind bars but the juvenile, who is reported to be the most brutal of all, is soon to be released. We want a full report whether he has actually been reformed during his three years stay in an observation home.”

Asha said, “What a ‘surprise-gift’ Government is giving me. The day I lost my daughter three years ago, I am expecting his release someday soon.”

Horrified till date, Nirbhaya’s father said, “If laws direct juvenile’s identity not to be disclosed, can they guarantee us that the juvenile once out  will not target us in revenge.

How can we be sure that he has been reformed under the process of counseling at the observation home? As we have only seen him once and unsure of his identity now, we are insecure of our lives if he lives between us freely.”

Director of Centre for Social Research (CSR) Dr Ranjana Kumari who was present with the parents said, “We have demanded four things from judiciary- first the security of parents, second reforms in JJ Act that further allows public to access the information about the culprit- his name and his identity, third we want assurance that the juvenile’s mentality has changed and he has reformed so as to assure women safety outside and lastly I demand special provision to cases that come in fast track court.”

Retired Indian Police officer Kiran Bedi supported the parents and said, “Various changes are required to make the city free from crime. You need to voice against even a small molestation, police need to be more sensitised, fast-track courts should decide cases fast and JJ Act should not do away with juveniles like one involved in Nirbhaya gangrape.”

On Nirbhaya-fund still due, NCW chairperson said, “The fund addresses financial constraints. There is a need to speed up efforts to make the most of it, now totaling Rs 3,000 crore.”

While there were words that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will provide Rs 10,000 and a sewing machine to the juvenile (now major) to be released, Nirbhaya parents said, “No more can a Government do to pester us more with our misery. One comes and commits crime and in lieu gets a gift from the Government.” To support the parents on the day, Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar and his wife Shabana Aazmi seconded the demands and said, “Thousands of Nirbhayas have lost their lives to rape incidents and till attitude to curb those changes, nothing can be done.”

Akhtar also presented a poem dedicated to Nirbhaya and women across the nation, during “Nirbhaya Chetna Divas” at Jantar Mantar on Nirbhaya’s death anniversary.



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