Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Pallavi Mohan tells Mansi Bhansali that being comfortable, confident and happy is a fashion statement

Designer Pallavi Mohan likes to take things at her pace. She had launched her label Not So Serious in 2007 and was retailing from multi-designer stores like Ensemble, Mogra and Aza. It is only after a decade that she has decided to venture out on her own with the launch of her store in Mehrauli.

But even before this, her label too took some time to come about. She presented her collection at Atmosphere, a trade event in Paris which is famous on a global scale. Despite its success, she had no motivation to start a label as she was satisfied with the international collaborations. She said, “I was designing for international brands and some of my friends suggested that I start my own label. I experimented with various looks and materials and that was the inception of this label. I did my first show with Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in 2009.”

Mohan’s label has an unusual name. She said,“I wasn’t serious about launching a label initially, I rejected the idea as crazy. My friends encouraged me to launch the label and name it Not So Serious.”

Mohan’s signature style is the use of floral work and light colours. She has also merged Western sensibilities with Indian ethos. She said, “It’s my personal choice and design sensibility. I prefer subtle and subdued colours rather than bright ones. When everyone wears bright colours, lighter ones bring elegance and sophistication.”

Not So Serious uses natural fabric rather than synthetic, unless when it is required for some exceptional designs. She added, “I’ve also experimented with handlooms and silk. I like to use materials which add a sheer beauty to the garment. It took me around six months to create the store’s collection.”

Mohan, a Delhi girl, decided to flag off her store in the capital itself, for a reason. She said, “It’s the city where my factory is and where my friends and family stay so it was an obvious choice for me. In any other city it wouldn’t be easy to manage the label. Also, Delhi is a destination for big-fat marriage ceremonies.”

She said, “Not So Serious has always believed in the easy fashion and has supported the notion that fashion is an individual choice. One should be comfortable in wearing what he/she wears and my label has tried to make people feel free.”

The designer, who will be showcasing her collection at the Amazon Fashion Week in October, has designed a concept based store. “There is a balcony which overlooks the garden. There are floral motifs and I have tried to create an Alice in Wonderland like feel. People can see my experience, craftsmanship, understated luxury, quality and no opulence here. My store resembles a home.”

Mohan believes in experimenting with the surface ornamentation and trying to keep the pattern simple. She said, “We have started bridal couture wear in our store which has embroidery and less crystals, in keeping with the signature style of keeping it simple.” And Mohan does not want to go down the route of abundance in her clothes. “Now we are more independent and don’t need opulence to prove our worth. And Not So Serious resonates with the confidence and craftsmanship of the contemporary taste of the women. It is not about showing-off,” she said.



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