Break free from your sorrows

Break free from your sorrows

Freedom from anti-social and anti-moral traits and tendencies is the first and foremost building block of life, says Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

It has now become a trend in the modern world to talk about various kinds of freedom and liberty in a society which is free from corruption, crime, poverty and discrimination. It is not only the intellectuals, the elite and the opinion leaders who talk about these but also the working class and the laymen who are becoming aware. Almost every political party claim these as their credos or slogans at the time of elections and when they come to power, its top leaders make an announcement at the first opportunity, that they will work on these issues on a priority basis. However, looking at the present scenario, it seems that our leaders have never done any deep and serious thinking, individually or collectively, to understand the root causes of corruption and crime and the ways and means to free the society from these problems. The only step they seem to have taken is to file n-number of charge sheets against those who are alleged to have committed an act of corruption or crime. And then most of these leaders keep on saying things like ‘The law will take its own course’, ‘the matter is sub-judice’ and “there will be equality of all before law.”

The biggest irony today is, though people know that if they commit a crime or an act of corruption, they would be punished but this knowledge creates only a slight fear in their minds and it does not act as a deterrent against crime. Thus, crime is till rampant in the country.  In order to escape punishment, people commit crime clandestinely, adopt new ways, search for loopholes in the law or take protection of those who are in a position of power. Thus, crime finds new routes and triggers further corruption and in the process, it attempts to influence even those whose duty is to remain totally immune to pressures and persuasions from acquaintances and friends.

We all know that no one offers himself up willingly to the police to suffer humiliation and punishment for a crime or a corrupt act that they might have committed. Instead, everyone tries to be unscathed, unblemished and maintain an unsullied reputation and for this purpose, they try all means and avenues to find an escape route.

People in power talk about high rate of conviction by courts, however if punishment had led to even slow and gradual reduction in crime, then we would have ushered in the Golden Age by now because the law practised all over the world has been punishing criminals as a means of reducing or preventing crime. But, crime rate and suffering has increased multi-fold.

This is the the reason why Buddha and founders of all other major religions said that this world is an abode of sufferings. Even if we drop this argument, we find that, even today, every single human being on the globe is undergoing some kind of punishment, deprivation or suffering and no one is totally free and liberated. It means that all of us have violated one or the other law of nature or morality and therefore we are suffering. Else, why should one suffer without having done anything wrong? And yet this world-wide scenario of suffering, of which everyone is a part, has not made people retract and refrain from crime, even though it is clear that all their sufferings are a form of punishment.

As a result of all this, another perception is taking root. Equality before law being maintained and the contention that punishment prevents crime is now considered false. So, the real factor to which individual and collective energies should be directed is man’s thoughts. Remember, a person commits a crime or a sin because of certain negative thoughts, impulses, high tides and ebbs of emotions, bad intentions or unsocial traits in his character. Freedom from these anti-social and anti-moral traits and tendencies is the first and foremost freedom that is required. Without this, all other freedoms can not only be enjoyed but may be misused and may become more of a curse than a boon. We must realise that richness of character is the most essential and a real wealth that raises the value of human life, for without this, a rich person may have the temptation to commit more crimes. But, it seems that there is little attention given to these things when everyone is crying hoarse about liberalisation or privatising of trade and commerce. No one seems to be in the mood to realise that this world is full of  sorrow because of degradation of our moral standards. It is high time that we understand that introducing new laws and modern ways of policing will not make us a crimeless society or corruptionless society. If that was the case, then many developed countries of the world would have been free from these issues. Hence we must realise that complete freedom from sorrows is the real freedom that can be achieved by observing the moral laws and that is the real issue to which we must address ourselves and employ our means towards.



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