Divine cards

Divine cards

Aavirbhaav is a synthesis of Annu Kalra’s journey of self-exploration and meditation that amalgamates concepts and beliefs from the numerous systems that exist in our culture and presents it in a self-help format of guidance cards

Annu Kalra began painting Hindu deities and other spiritual subjects before she found herself blogging, interpreting traditional wisdom in the modern context under the title of “Musings” on her website. In the process she learnt that “people’s understanding of various deities and rituals helped them shed light on their own issues. Initially I started conducting Musings and mystical art sessions where, after a brief interactive talk with the attendees, I would take them through a brief meditation. In order to reach out to more people where I may not be personally available to explain, I decided to write a book.”

The spiritualist also has a set of meditative cards that can be a handy well-being guide. Aavirbhaav is an innovative concept of receiving guidance through Hindu deities organised as per the Vedanta understanding of the four purushaarthas — Dharma, Artha, Kaam and Moksha. Organised under these four are 48 deities from Vedas, Puranas, Tantra and also astrology. In addition, there are seven meditation cards with a detailed background of how meditation works and specially formulated meditations. Each card has a visual and a message. So there are a total 55 cards.

The detailed interpretation and description also includes additional recommendations on the things people can do in order to enhance their well-being.

The deck of 55 cards contains 48 guidance cards and seven cards for meditation. The reader is to pick out one card at random from the 48 guidance cards and apply the message from that particular deity and its interpretation to solve their issue. In the interpretations is included some historical context, some implementable actionable points and a recommended meditation from the meditation cards. The expected effect is for people to harness these energies and allow them to regain some centeredness in which they can become more focussed and start doing more meaningful things. “When people do meaningful things they do not feel drained and have a greater sense of well-being. So this book will eventually help people in their profession, their relationships, their health, in their own estimation of themselves; which so ever aspect it is they require help in,” Kalra told us. In short, it is intended for people to harness their own potential and achieve godliness through their understanding of various gods and goddesses.

Instead of preaching to people, the author has shared  various rituals, techniques and understanding in a manner in which people can consciously choose what they resonate with and apply the knowledge to add value to their own lives.

“The central idea of the book is that the synchronicity of life will at each moment ensure that we hear what we need to. It will enthuse, motivate, warn, encourage, reassure, reprimand, discipline, inspire, instruct or whatever else is needed at any given point of time. The book with its messages and understanding is life’s way of delivering to us what is needed through the higher forces,” said Kalra, summing up.  



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