Not just a meme

Not just a meme

There seems to be simply no reason or logic behind the huge success of some internet sensations

Internet is a strange place where anybody can become famous. If you have talent, great! There is a slight chance for you. But if you are trying hard without talent, Internet guarantees you success. That’s what happened to these worldwide known personalities. They simply uploaded their photos or videos and became famous with their meme characters.

Who would have thought that a young girl from East Delhi, who is nowhere close to what a singer would be like, could be such a huge sensation and pocket millions? Or take the  youngster in the US, who made millions  by just saying three magical words, “Cash me out.” Here we take a look at the four biggest internet sensations, who became famous by chance

Mason Ramsey — The WalMart Boy

The 11-year-old kid ended up being a web sensation after his video of singing his grandfather Hank Williams’ tune Lovesick Blues (recorded very nearly 70 years earlier) in a Walmart store went viral on YouTube. The energetic music kid, who astonished Walmart customers by breaking out into a stellar chatter at a store in Harrisburg, ended up being a shinning internet star. Inside a few days he got 25 million+ views and became a viral meme.

Due to his new-found popularity Mason Ramsey also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. After he became a YouTube sensation, he was promoted to the Coachella (a Valley Music and Arts Festival) and shared the stage with an American DJ and music producer from Chicago, DJ Whethan. With a dream of showing up on Grand Ole Orpy one day, the kid signed his first record deal with Atlantic Records and Big-Loud Records and made his debut song Famous entering at number 62 on the US Billboard 100.

Sammy Griner — The formula for success

You must be living under the rock if you haven’t seen the picture of a boy clenching a fistful of sand with a determined facial expression. The picture, which is probably the most popular meme on the internet, is of Sammy Griner. His mother Laney clicked that picture when Sammy was just 11 months old and was playing on the beach. The boy became a symbol to demonstrate success that made a person’s day. But the story doesn’t end here.

Sammy Griner’s fame was used again when he was 10 years old to save his father’s life. His dad fell sick and experienced kidney failure and required kidney transplant. The family set up a GoFundMe page, a platform which allows you to raise money for life events. In a few days Griner raised more than $100,000. He said after his father’s treatment, “I am happy my fame went for a good cause and don’t want to go viral again.”

Danielle Bregoli — ‘Cash me outside’ girl

A teenager, Danielle became popular after she made an appearance on Dr Phil (an American tabloid talk show) with her mother Barbara.  On the show, the mother revealed that she wanted to hand over Danielle to the authorities after she found her to be a drug user and uploaded a video of her attempting to hit her. Barbara also said that her daughter  had been stealing credit cards and cash, even taking cars of others for a “joyride.”

The 13-year-old told the audience boldly, “Cash me ousside”,  a phrase that transformed into a music recording by DJ Suede. It entered the Billboard Hot 100. The song led to a series of funny dance videos on YouTube and made Danielle another sparkling star of the Internet. Branding herself as a rapper, she recorded her first music video These Heaux produced by an American Grammy-nominated singer Brittany B. Furthermore, the song entered the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 77 in 2017 making Danielle the third youngest artist of all time to make it to the chart on Hot 100.  The success of her song encouraged Atlantic Records to sign a multi-album recording contract. With more than 4.5 million subscribers and seven successful songs, Danielle made it to the 2017 MTV movie and TV Awards in Trending category and Billboard music awards nominations.

Pooja Jain —  Dhinchak Pooja

The swagger girl turned out to be a YouTube sensation after her cringe music videos got viral on social media. The self-approved singer got famous with her popular song Swag Wali Topi which she uploaded and shared on several social media accounts. The precise next tune of her Selfie Maine Leli Aaj ran uncommonly popular with more than 35 million views and marked her cringe pop genre in the history of social media. 

Not just popularity but cash also flew her way.  Her YouTube channel revenue was above Rs 50 lakh as per reports. But the question is where she spent that much money? Instead of making new “out of the world songs” she started making Vlogs and travelling around the world like other YouTubers. Her latest Vlog shares the experience she had in Dubai.



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