Reflection of soul

Reflection of soul

Pratibimb takes an ironic look at the loss of an ordinary man’s identity in the ambiguity of the urban jungle. Unnati Joshi reports

Amidst the hustle bustle of city life, where hard realities hit us in the face and our fantasies often dissolve into amnesia, where one toils hard to survive, the play Pratibimb raises questions about identity.

The play is about a man who wakes up one day to find his reflection amiss. He makes it known to his landlady who intends to seize it as a lucrative opportunity to achieve prominence and affluence. As they discuss this impasse, different connotations of reflection emerge, arising from one's state of mind.

We spoke with the director/ actor (He play the protagonist, Danthal Babu) of the play Tarique Hameed and questioned about the theme of the play to which he said, “There is no single theme in the play. There are many. One of them is about how our mind works. We often claim to understand others’ mind but that is not the case because we try to understand it through our own subjectivity and what we perceive is also a reflection of our own subjectivity which is supreme to us. The play also seeks to reflect the underlying hypocrisy of each of the characters”. He further continued, “Nobody questions it but we are losing our reflection. We are just simply playing the blame game. We are not questioning ourselves. We are losing out on our humanity. We are hiding our true selves and portraying something else. We are losing true selves. We need passwords to guard ourselves. We are the most insecure of all beings.

When asked about the challenges he faced while directing he said, “The biggest challenge was to find a rehearsal space in Delhi. Also, earlier, we had booked Muktadhara Auditorium but due to some mishappening, they cancelled all the bookings just a week before the play was to be staged. We ended up calling random places when suddenly, through sheer coincidence, we found Sri Ram Centre available particularly on that date.”

Added Sonal, who played the character Jhadu, the play revolves around the concept of individuality, consciousness and is presented in a very comic way.

When asked about her character, she told us that the character’s name is such because she is used and abused by society like a broom. This character portrayed the plight of woman and how society treats them.

The play is an adaptation of Mahesh Elkunchwar's Pratibimb. And conveys the message that the world outside is a reflection of who we are within.

 The play explores the question of how we see things and react to them. It simply shows what we are made of inside. Pratibimb is an attempt to show what we have become as a society, to give an insight to our thoughts, our understanding of the creation around us.



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