Spa 2.0

Spa 2.0

There are new treatments on the block which not only fight the ravages of summer but also leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. By Ramya Palisetty and Kritika Dua

How about indulging in a tropical glow scrub which gently buffs away dull, dry skin, by using the soothing enzymes of papaya and pineapple? Follow it up with a soothing milk and rose bath where you soak in the mix for half an hour which will cure the skin affected by the harsh sun. Cooling papaya and pineapple are applied. Feeling refreshed enough physically and mentally? Or would you prefer the aromatic moor mud wraps which include lavender and peppermint. They will not only cool you down but also hydrate your skin that has been over-exposed to the sun, as the ingredients used are known to have wonderful skin healing properties. The pamper will start with a gentle exfoliation (which is optional if there is any sunburn) before thick layers of rose gel, lavender oil and creams are applied to regenerate the skin. A hydrating mask and Ayurveda scalp massage complete the treatment. Sounds like just what is needed to get over the scorching summer?

The Hello Summer and Aromatic moor mud wraps and more are available at the Quan Spa at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity. Other spas have geared up and have new spa treatments on the block — some of them especially for the summer since this weather has a way of playing havoc with the skin and hair. So you can log in for a soothing spa treatment that will help to relieve stress and also ensure that your skin glows with radiance.

A spa treatment relaxes your mind and muscles and calms your body. But spas have become more advanced and now the application of products is done by machines without using hands. All that is needed is to programme the machines. There is an array of new treatment in the market such as Water shiatsu, Rainbow rain massage, Cold treatment and Mud baths to name a few.

Water shiatsu is an aquatic treatment where a therapist will cradle you in a pool  and then proceed to gently stretch your body while simultaneously applying acupressure.

Rainbow rain massage is performed under a Vichy shower. This water treatment pours warm water over your body as you’re expertly massaged with a variety of sun-dried clays that span the colour spectrum. Each has its own therapeutic benefits and essential oils within, allowing you to customise the treatment according to your preference. Mud baths are renowned for their skin-smoothing abilities with pure ingredients

Cold treatment uses cryotherapy where nitrogen is used to cool the chamber to minus 80 degrees Celsius for a more consistent temperature. Benefits of the treatment include improved circulation, faster metabolism and reduced recovery time, plus an instant endorphin release

Various hotels and resorts in the city have upped their spa game. Siddharth Varma, director of rooms  at Shangri-La’s Eros hotel, New Delhi said, “The combination of body scrub and body massage is gaining momentum because of the hot season. Thai massage is also quite popular as people are aware of its benefits. Individuals request for organic ingredients as they do not affect the skin harshly.” He added that at the spa, people ask for fresh fruit wraps and facials that comprise apple, cucumbers, oranges or papaya scrubs which are good for the skin and protect it from the harmful pollutants. They provide exfoliation and detoxify the skin. These products are created in-house.

Dr Pankaj, spa manager, Six Senses Spa at Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort, Greater Noida said that the new treatments at their spa which are gaining momentum among the guests are Hammam, Movement Restoration Treatment and Thai herbal. “Hammam is a three step process which starts with an olive body wash, followed by a walnut scrub for dead skin removal and the finishing touch is given by a bentonite clay mask. The Movement Restoration Treatment incorporates an uplifting blend of oils. Thai herbal uses herbal bundles (turmeric, ginger, lemongrass) and deep tissue blend of oil.

On new spa treatments Dr Arun Aravind, head, Niraamaya Spa said, “Spice Magic is a 90-minute body therapy involving a massage using spice-infused essential oils and application of warmed spice bundles intermittently over the body. It is a harmonious integration of Indian and Western methodologies. It’s an all seasons massage therapy administered also for boosting the immune responses of the body.” It is recommended for a complete detox, removing physical stress and low-grade muscular tension

The spa treatment has the goodness of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg which form the main ingredients. The oils used are a unique signature blend of essential oils with the stimulating effects of ginger and refreshing lime.

But how effective are these treatments? Siddharth Varma emphasised, “In a city like Delhi, it is crucial to clean, purify and hydrate the skin with the most suitable products for each skin type. The benefits of the organic treatments are retained by the body for around 15 to 20 days. It is advisable to have body scrub treatments twice, every 50 days.”

Dr Pankaj said, “Hammam spa treatment deep cleanses, relaxes muscles and body, exfoliates and nourishes the skin and tissues. Movement Restoration Treatment improves flexibility, circulation, and strength. It energises and rejuvenates the body. Thai herbal treatment works on deeper muscles, relieves stiffness, body ache and pains, improves circulation, releases toxicity from muscles.”

Talking about the efficacy, Dr Arun said, “With long loopy movements using essential oils, the therapy channels metabolic toxins and other harmful elements out of your system. The body and mind strike a fine resonance induced by the smooth application of warmed spice compress all over the body, to detox, de-stress and relax.”

Rahul Yadav, Spa and Wellness director, Quan Spa at JW Marriott, New Delhi Aerocity offer the new spa treatments such as Hello Summer and Aromatic moor mud wraps. According to him these treatments are highly effective in both rejuvenating and restoring the natural glow and balance of the skin, while the healing properties of the various ingredients used ensure that the damage caused to both the skin and hair due to environmental stressors are negated. He advises that spa treatments must be administered by trained professionals and those with a deep understanding on how best to ensure that the treatment sits well with the client.



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