Time to say ‘I do’

Time to say ‘I do’

How about exchanging those sacred vows underwater or maybe have a beach-themed wedding right here in Delhi? Wedding planners are going an extra mile to make the day special for you. By Team Viva

The pundits have been consulted for the shubh mahurat, the venue hunting might still be on, a top fashion designer must’ve been roped in for the perfect exquisite wedding garb and arguments over what cuisine and which caterer will continue for a while. The invites paired with mithai or fancy chocolate, tea leaves, et al. boxes will soon be ordered followed by preparation of guest lists which will be scribbled over and revised. The drill somewhat remains the same season after season with almost all gharwale being handed over a task to look over  but then the wedding planners entered the scenario to rescue us from the miseries of bookings and various other decisions.

Indian weddings which are all about the grandeur and opulence have always been ‘big’ and ‘fat’. The concepts and ideas are getting quirkier since the new age couples want the day to be a bit more “different” and wish to “stand out”.

Ashu Garg, founder, Good Times Concepts Events, feels that the demand for something new for each ceremony gives them a platform to innovate and experiment with new ideas.

“Every Indian marriage starts and ends on the same note, with 4Bs — band, baaja, baraat and bride. While many young couples are happy with this traditional setting, there are some couples who wish to give their wedding a new twist. We now have demands for different dolis, not the typical ones for bidai but people are asking for autos and bikes. We also do French art decor for the venues with a lot of old-styled furniture and there is ethnic colours which also give a touch of royalty. We also have a Tree of life — Kalpa Vriksha theme with a touch of old royalty charm and a huge tree is placed at the venue,” Garg shares.

How about a beach wedding in Delhi? Impossible you say but Nitesh Sharma of Wedding Rose — A Wedding Planner tells us that they can recreate the sandy magic.

“New ideas are in demand and because of competitiveness in our business line,  our creative team is always coming up with new concept for the clients. Only 25 per cent of the families which are affluent ask for theme-based weddings. We have the beach wedding concept which we did in a Delhi farm house. We spread sand all over the lawn and we also created a machine to give the water splashing effect. Our second theme is very popular among the NRIs who at times want to go for a mixed culture weddings. For eg, they want to have a ceremony in a Gurdwara setting and then later in a temple.

The requests often get bizarre when it comes to theme weddings. Sharma went on to share, “Once a family requested for a cremation ground concept with people dressed like they do on Halloween. We politely refused to entertain it since it is an auspicious day.”

Underwater weddings are gaining popularity, according to Garg, “Couples actually want the jaimala to be done underwater.”

Stepping away from the farm houses, banquet halls and fancy hotels of the city, ideal destination weddings are now the ‘it’ thing for couples looking for a more private memorable affair. “It’s not just about travelling, but making those fun-filled, happy memories which people would reminisce about when it gets over. Not a whole bunch of family is invited since couples want their space and enjoy their day. Places that have always been preferred are Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, but now people are exploring more unique getaways like Lakshwadeep, the North Eastern states. Same could be seen with international destinations like Thailand and Singapore as now couples are spending more on places like Paris, et al., Garg tells us.

Sharma, too, agrees on Kerala, Goa and Rajasthan being the most-picked destinations. He adds on that the Bollywood effect makes people opt for Spain, Mauritius, South Africa, et al.

Apart from your regular DJ wale babus playing your gaana, we are told that international artistes are always a different option and celebrity artists are in great demand these days for weddings.

And then, of course, comes the food.  The ubiquitous chaats will always remain a favourite and continue to dominate the the shaadi ka khana scene. There is also an influx of food stalls of brands like Costa, Domino’s, McDonald’s, et al.

“Apart from Mughlai (which has always been everyone’s favorite), mixture of Chinese Italian Rajwada, chaats and deserts are being asked for. Varieties have increased and vary immensely in terms of ingredients and preparations. Like earlier, if you had one kebab for starters , now you can have 10 different types of kebabs. Families want to spend on food as for them a wedding is memorable only if the guests enjoy their meals. So from décor to clothes, food, too, has become a status symbol. Chaat stalls are not limited to tikki and gol gappe. It has gone to pav bhaji, chowmein and more. The concept is not to fill the stomach but to fill the desires of eating the best,” Garg informs.


But as it gets fancier, what about the moolah factor involved? Garg says, “Sky is the limit but the range starts from `10 lakh.” “Only five to ten per cent of the clientele come from the well off business class families who want to experiment and plus love to invest money on the functions. These people come under the “big fat wedding” tag where they would call celebrities, et al. The rest of the 50-60 per cent are the upper middle class people who invest sensibly and would spend around `20-25 lakh which would cover all costs,” shares Sharma.



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