Retro is back again

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Muskan Kathuria

Like history, fashion trends repeat themselves time after time. So don’t be surprised if you see the bell bottoms or hoop earrings again while walking down a street, says Muskaan Kathuria BELL BOTTOMS: Remember Neetu Singh and Shabana Azmi flaunting flared pants in the movie Parvarish or Cher in her iconic...

Trend Blazer

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Pioneer

Race 3 shoots ahead this Eid SALMAN KHAN’s Race 3 recorded a huge start on Friday with a box office collection of Rs 29.17 crore in India alone. The numbers are expected to go bigger with Eid festivities commencing on Saturday. The movie has overshadowed Parmanu, which made Rs 59.22...

Your morning fix will not give you cancer

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Team Viva

While a judge in California had declared that coffee was carcinogenic, chains like Starbucks are fighting back to keep our daily cuppa warning-free California is trying its best to assure coffee drinkers that their fix won’t give them cancer after a ruling said that the cancer warnings must be put on...

An ageless classic

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Nitesh Jidani

There are not many TV shows that are so well-crafted that fans become a perennial tribe years after it goes off air. Our take on one such immortal show, Breaking Bad It has been more than 10 years since the first episode of Breaking Bad aired on TV. It had a...

Good thoughts must for good health

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

The brain, which is part of the physical body, is just the hardware that enables the soul to control the body, says Rajyogi Brahmakushar Nikunj ji We all know that being physically active is good for our bodies but not many of us know that our physical and mental health are...

Art as solace for the heart

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Aparna Bhalla

Johny ML of the Odisha Triennial of International Art (OTIA) is encouraging new voices of expression as a form of personal healing, says APARNA BHALLA When Vincent Van Gogh portrayed the shrieks of his heart and mind on to a canvas that became the Starry Night, he was crying for help...

‘Music is an autonomous language’

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Team Viva

Veteran musician Hans Zimmer, who has worked on award-winning films like the Lion King, Inception, Interstellar, has now used his skills to liven up the marine world. He talked to TEAM VIVA about the ocean, working with Radiohead and more Do you feel connected to the ocean? Yes, it has always...

Miscarriage needs effective care

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Pioneer

A combination of the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol can help bring closure to some women and their families suffering from miscarriage. It reduces the need for surgical intervention to complete the painful miscarriage process. Results of a new clinical trial show that while the standard drug regimen using misoprostol on...

Treg cells protect babies from hiv

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Pioneer

Scientists now report that Treg cells, a type of regulatory lymphocyte, may be protecting babies in the womb from getting infected with the HIV virus when the mother is affected. “Even though the number of babies studied is relatively small, these findings indicate that Treg, by controlling immune activation, may...

AntarcticA is slowly melting

Monday, 18 Jun 2018 | Pioneer

Scientists have reviewed decades of satellite measurements to reveal how and why Antarctica's glaciers, ice shelves and sea ice are changing. Their report explains how ice shelf thinning and collapse have triggered an increase in the continent's contribution to sea level rise. “Although breakup of the ice shelves does not...


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‘Assault’ on police driver: Action against Kerala ADGP

17 Jun 2018 | VR Jayaraj | Kochi

In a swift move intended at stemming the protests brewing in the State police force against certain top officials’ ‘feudalistic’ practice of persecuting policemen and camp followers by using them as house servants, the Kerala Government on Saturday removed ADGP Sudesh Kumar, whose daughter was the other day booked for assaulting and verbally abusing his official police driver, from the position of head of the Armed Police Battalion. The action against...

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Protest for shifting B’pur liquor shop held

18 Jun 2018 | PNS | BRAHMAPUR

A protest was held at Subarao Square here against a foreign liquor shop on Sunday. Residents held a meeting demanding shifting of the shop...

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