Balbir Punj


Balbir Punj is a Rajya Sabha MP and a political commentator.

Another victim in a country of ‘no love’

Monday, 12 Feb 2018 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

Ankit’s brutal murder in Delhi has raised some pertinent questions surrounding inter-faith marriages and the right to conversion which Islamic theologians must answer The recent brutal murder of young photographer Ankit Saxena in West Delhi’s Khyala area by the family of his Muslim girlfriend Shehzadi has thrown the ongoing ‘secular’ narrative...

India regains centre at Davos meet

Monday, 29 Jan 2018 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

For all naysayers, in India and abroad, who have criticised Modi’s Davos visit, the Prime Minister has captured the centre at Davos among top international investors and unstable governing coalitions abroad The arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Davos world business summit has coincidentally timed with the International...

Visits that break the mould

Monday, 15 Jan 2018 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

With Netanyahu’s trip to India, the Modi Government seems to have succeeded in divesting the country of the last vestiges of Nehruvian foreign policy The four-day visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to India, which began at New Delhi yesterday, is all set to be an important turning point in...

A tale of two cities: Ayodhya and Jerusalem

Monday, 18 Dec 2017 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

While the world is gearing up to welcome yet another year, two ancient cities, which have lots in common in terms of travails and trauma they have suffered, are undergoing civilisational trials While the world is busy getting ready to welcome 2018, two ancient cities — Ayodhya and Jerusalem — have...

A reality check on Gujarat election

Monday, 20 Nov 2017 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

The game in Gujarat is on with Congress’ caste combination taking shape. The BJP, however, is banking heavily on its developmental model which is likely to pay dividends on result day The current political scene in poll-bound Gujarat is thick with allegations and counter-allegations by rival contesting political parties, as it...

Creator of Pakistan, a hero in India

Monday, 23 Oct 2017 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

It can happen only in ‘secular' India that a person who was responsible for the vivisection of the country is feted in all quarters The charade of ‘secularism' was at its peak in India last week when the country 'celebrated'the 200th birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the founder of...

Striking at the root cause of terrorism

Monday, 14 Aug 2017 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

While the world lives under the spectre of yet another terror attack, a tangible solution to this menace remains elusive. Half-baked measures deal with the symptoms of the disease and not the underlying reasons While the world lives under the spectre of yet another terror attack, a tangible solution to this...

Kashmir valley: From nowhere to nowhere

Monday, 17 Jul 2017 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

Kashmir has lived with Islam-driven mindset since the time of Sheikh Abdullah. Faces and slogans spewing hate and violence may have changed; the ideological core that fuels communal disquiet remains unchanged The attack on Amarnath pilgrims last week was not unexpected. It was also not the first assault on the legendary...

Of dubious mindset and Islamist world’s actions

Monday, 03 Jul 2017 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

Unhealthy competition encourages Iran and Saudi Arabia to feed a mindset that runs the global terror machine. Against this background, can there be any genuine hope for a terror-free world? Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Kerala’s most prestigious project: the Kochi Metro. It was the Marxist Chief Minister, Pinarayi...

Minister of Magic and the Voldemort effect

Monday, 19 Jun 2017 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

Harry Potter’s creator would indeed be proud of the twists and turns that the Saudi-led Gulf nations have given to the Qatar tangle. Clarity on containing terrorism is missing As security forces in the United Kingdom (UK) swing into action against terror merchants of the Islamic State (IS), it would be...


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