Gwynne Dyer

Don’t leave them home alone!

Thursday, 12 Oct 2017 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

There is probably not going to be a second Korean war. But there is always a subtle form of adult supervision needed for Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un Here’s the scenario. Late one evening, US President Donald Trump is watching Fox News and a report comes on that North Korea...

Best way to cope is to ignore Trump

Friday, 06 Oct 2017 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

The US President is a problem, but for all his threats and boasts he doesn't actually do much. It could be a viable strategy for the next three years We have to face the facts: There is no US federal Government any more in the normal sense of the word. Social...

Germany: The rise of the Right

Thursday, 28 Sep 2017 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

What’s alarming for Germany is not the echo of the Nazis in AfD rhetoric but that it is conforming towards the authoritarian, ultra-nationalist right in Western politics Angela Merkel’s slogan in her campaign for a fourth term as Chancellor was terminally bland and smug — “For a Germany in which we...

The world's most persecuted minority

Monday, 18 Sep 2017 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

Mistreatment of ethnic and religious minorities is not uncommon in Myanmar. But the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims is driven by anti-Muslim paranoia During the past 65 years of military rule in Burma, the Army has killed thousands of people from almost every one of the country's numerous minorities: Shans, Karens,...

North Korea’s nuke reality

Friday, 08 Sep 2017 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

The fact remains that North Korea has a usable nuclear deterrent. We may very well have to live with this reality, because it's better than fighting a nuclear war The last time when North Korean nuclear weapons might have been headed off by diplomacy was 15-20 years ago, when there was...

Climate creep and American frogs

Friday, 01 Sep 2017 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

Climate change is creeping in quietly, making normal weather a bit more extreme each year, and Americans haven't noticed it yet At least a decade ago, a retired general at the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies said to this writer that the rich countries will never take climate change...

Was Pakistan’s creation a mistake?

Monday, 07 Aug 2017 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

It's still worth asking if everybody would have been better off if British-ruled India had not been partitioned in 1947 It was never my plan to tell Pakistanis that their country had been a mistake. I was 19 years old at the time, when I was in Pakistan for the summer...

Saudi Arabia started another fight it can’t finish

Tuesday, 04 Jul 2017 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

Qatar will pay a price for rejecting the Saudi demands. Almost all its food is imported, and in future it will all have to come in by sea or by air. But Qatar is rich enough to pay that price. In the end Saudi Arabia will almost certainly not invade The...

We’ll manage, with or without US

Thursday, 08 Jun 2017 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of Paris climate deal will strengthen resolve of other countries to do their bit It's not just Donald Trump. The United States has a long record of negotiating international agreements and then running away from them. The rest of the world has an equally...

Venezuelan politics and its volatility

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

Incumbent President Maduro’s dictatorial conduct can end as badly as it did for some twentieth century autocrats I am no Mussolini”, insisted Venezuela’s beleaguered President Nicols Maduro Moros on television early this month, but if things go on this way he could end up like Mussolini. That would be very unfortunate...


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