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Towards a more equitable form of economics

Friday, 18 May 2018 | RK Pachauri | in Edit

Our fascination with the American way of life has set us on a path that a populous nation like ours can neither sustain ecologically nor afford for its inherent political and sociological consequences A recent issue of the magazine Prospect, published in the UK, carries many pages devoted to the subject...

Earth Day and life under water

Friday, 04 May 2018 | RK Pachauri | in Edit

The commemorative event has focussed on local environmental problems, ignoring the impact on global commons. We must understand the enormous damage inflicted to all forms of life The 22nd of April each year is observed as Earth Day, an initiative which was introduced by a visionary politician, Senator Gaylord Nelson of...

Gone with the wind, literally

Friday, 20 Apr 2018 | RK Pachauri | in Edit

Wind energy, particularly offshore wind, provides growing promise across the globe. In terms of generating wind power as also manufacturing equipment, India has a lot of catching up to do A lesser known legal battle lost by US President Donald Trump in the UK Supreme Court in 2015 was on blocking...

Sethusamudram project, a misadventure

Saturday, 07 Apr 2018 | RK Pachauri | in Edit

While both the Suez and Panama Canals have gigantic volumes of shipping, which makes them economically viable, in India, the Sethusamudram Canal project is almost dead The shipping industry and the global economy have benefitted enormously from engineering innovations like the Suez Canal which was opened in 1869 connecting the Mediterranean...

Science and the common man: Hawking's legacy

Friday, 23 Mar 2018 | RK Pachauri | in Edit

While grieving at the demise of Hawking, our scientific community must also derive lessons from his life and become serious communicators of science for the benefit of society The scientific community and the public at large have been grieved by the sad demise of Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant...

Challenges galore to urban transport system

Friday, 09 Mar 2018 | RK Pachauri | in Edit

In view of urbanisation becoming a complex affair, urban transport requires careful planning and a clear direction. Public education and an effective reduction of traffic violations is vital With rapid urbanisation in India and most other countries, the provision of urban transport requires some careful planning and direction by which urban...

The desecration of democracy

Friday, 23 Feb 2018 | RK Pachauri | in Edit

The gun control issue and opposition to restrictions on tobacco use are symptomatic of how democracy is being desecrated by abandoning our responsibilities towards the welfare of the people It was over a century and a half ago that in the wake of American civil war and large-scale death and destruction,...

A global forum for sustainable development

Friday, 09 Feb 2018 | RK Pachauri | in Edit

WSDF is a vibrant platform for bringing all stakeholders together to move away from patterns of economic growth and addresses the long neglected but oft-repeated challenge of sustainability on a worldwide basis The global economy, which seems to have recovered fully from the recession that sharply reduced economic growth throughout the...

Demolishing the meat mountain

Friday, 26 Jan 2018 | RK Pachauri | in Edit

Indians must reverse the rapid increase of non-vegetarian diets that has taken place in recent years. The need is to create awareness that vegetarian cuisine is nutritionally complete and adequate A recent article published by Forbes has quantified and documented the alarming increase in meat production and consumption in India. The...

Weird climate and weak leadership

Friday, 12 Jan 2018 | RK Pachauri | in Edit

It is sad that leaders across the world remain insensitive to the huge risks from climate change faced by the weak and the poor. There are major equity considerations in the current reality of climate change The world has seen a series of extreme events in recent months, with three successive...


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