New politics must respect Parliament

Friday, 07 Mar 2014 | Kalyani Shankar | in Oped

Because the quality of lawmakers has declined, we see fewer debates, more disruptions and abusive language The Lok Sabha election is round the corner and Assembly elections to Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Sikkim will also be held simultaneously. The 15th Lok Sabha was the worst tenure throughout the five years of...

The sum of many variables is key

Friday, 07 Mar 2014 | Vinayshil Gautam | in Oped

Economic health of India depends on factors that define how much wealth a nation-state can create for its people At the end of the day, there is something to be said for the proverb: “God made man. Man made money. And money made everything”. This statement may not find a place...

A taste of your own medicine

Thursday, 06 Mar 2014 | Mayuri Mukherjee | in Oped

The terror attack in Islamabad has hit the Pakistani Establishment in its home turf, and raised questions over how long the Government will be able retain control over its own backyard even. Still, course correction seems unlikely Terror attacks in Pakistan these days hardly grab headlines elsewhere, as they happen on...

Now, mediocrity has become the norm

Thursday, 06 Mar 2014 | Meeta W Sengupta | in Oped

Access to education may have become a right. However, access to education of choice and quality is clearly not a priority. There is a certain loss of dignity in the process The nursery schools debacle is not just about Delhi. It is about the principle of access. While the Right of...

Polluting and bearing the brunt

Thursday, 06 Mar 2014 | Kota Sriraj | in Oped

The country needs the creation of an effective task force that has a determined agenda of establishing regenerative cities. At the present rate, we will continue to create more environment-unfriendly urban zones Modern cities, with high levels of economic activities amid concentrated urbanisation, have become ever more resource-intensive. This has significantly...

On a comeback trail in UP

Wednesday, 05 Mar 2014 | Biswajeet Banerjee | in Oped

Various party leaders and people on the streets in Uttar Pradesh alike have begun considering the BJP as a political force in the State. Driven by Narendra Modi's popularity, the party is poised to register impressive gains in the coming Lok Sabha election The Bharatiya Janata Party ended its first leg...

Victims of their own vote banks

Wednesday, 05 Mar 2014 | Mk Bhat | in Oped

Muslims and other minority groups are routinely courted by politicians, sometimes even at the cost of the interests of the majority community, and yet they remain economically and socially backward, writes MK BHAT It was highly amusing to read the Supreme Court directive of November 21, 2013, to the Uttar Pradesh...

Balanced approach to defence

Tuesday, 04 Mar 2014 | Abhijit Iyer-Mitra | in Oped

If a BJP-led NDA Government takes over after the Lok Sabha election, one of the first real challenges it will face is the growing disarray in the country’s military preparedness and policy. Innovative ideas are the need of the hour This fortnight saw the BJP induct around a 100 ex-servicemen into...

Russia is backing the wrong horse

Tuesday, 04 Mar 2014 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

Vladimir Putin's calculations about Ukraine have been wayward every time since the turn of the century. He may have erred yet again, faced with a fresh crisis The first mistake of the Ukrainian revolutionaries was to abandon the agreement of February 23 to create a national unity Government, including some of...

Failing to look beyond the ‘red line’

Tuesday, 04 Mar 2014 | Uttam Gupta | in Oped

The Union Finance Minister's penchant for window-dressing figures is clearly evident in the interim Budget which he presented to Parliament a few days ago. But nothing he has done changes the fact that the economic scenario is gloomy, writes UTTAM GUPTA In the interim Budget he presented to Parliament on February...


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