A Surya Prakash


A Surya Prakash is a Senior Fellow at the Vivekananda International Foundation. He specialises in constitutional and parliamentary affairs. He is also the author of ‘What Ails Indian Parliament’ (HarperCollins, 1995). 

Stage is set to get back to simultaneous elections

Tuesday, 10 Oct 2017 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

EC's declaration that by 2018 it will be in a position to hold simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies has taken the logistics issue out of the debate. It’s for the Government to forge a political consensus The proposal to hold simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and...

Rohingya issue: National security must prevail

Tuesday, 26 Sep 2017 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

It is true that India has traditionally been hospitable to people in distress but any action/policy that places the well-being of citizens in jeopardy must be rejected. Government must identify and deport the Rohingyas soon As in the past, bleeding heart liberals have displayed utter insensitivity to the welfare and security...

Triple talaq: Battle half won, the war remains

Tuesday, 12 Sep 2017 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

There can be little doubt that the apex court's judgement on triple talaq takes us a step forward in ending a demeaning practice, but it would be optimistic to see this as an advancement towards a Uniform Civil Code There can be little doubt that the Supreme Court’s judgement in the...

Just certify films, do not censor them

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

Since we have some weighty arguments against insensitive and thoughtless censorship of films, one hopes that the CBFC will move with the times and take necessary steps to limit itself to film certification Now that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has a new chairman, one hopes that the controversies...

Sachin Tendulkar must redeem his iconic status

Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

Since Tendulkar does not have the time or inclination for Parliament work, he must take a decision that enables him to redeem the love and respect of citizens and command the stature worthy of a Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar’s sudden appearance in the Rajya Sabha for a brief while on August...

Free speech brigade silent on Indu Sarkar

Tuesday, 01 Aug 2017 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

The Congress has been vociferously protesting against Madhur Bhandarkar’s film that has the Emergency period as its backdrop. But the party cannot obliterate history The current campaign by the Congress against Madhur Bhandarkar’s film, Indu Sarkar, and the initial cuts suggested by the Central Board of Film Certification (popularly called the...

Gross injustice: The Assembly must rethink

Tuesday, 04 Jul 2017 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

The face off between Karnataka Assembly and the media over imprisonment of two journalists could end if the State Legislature is aware of the apex court's decisions in regard to exercise of its plenary power The current face off between the Karnataka Legislative Assembly and the media over the former’s decision...

Playing with Constitution and prospering too

Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

Nearly every villain of the Emergency that Indira Gandhi had imposed, lived to flourish in the political-administrative system. Is this how we are going to protect democracy? June 25 marks yet another anniversary of the Internal Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975, which turned the world’s largest democracy into a...

Any falsehood will do to ridicule majority

Tuesday, 06 Jun 2017 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

The new Rules have been framed to prevent widespread cruelty to animals, and based on the apex court's directives. Where does a ban on beef consumption come in? Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to keep the focus on development, his detractors have used every opportunity over the last three years...

Getting mullahs out of Constitution’s way

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

Supreme Court’s verdict on triple talaq can be a turning point for both the minority community and the concept of gender parity. Let’s keep our fingers crossed Last week, a five-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court completed its hearing of a batch of petitions challenging the constitutional validity of triple...


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