Ashok Malik


Ashok Malik is a senior journalist with over 20 years of experience. He is a columnist with many leading publications and commentator on contemporary affairs

Gentleman, scholar, pracharak and neta

Saturday, 20 May 2017 | Ashok Malik | in Edit

With Anil Dave you could spend hours discussing a variety of issues, not mentioning politics at all, and come away the wiser. He was both erudite and polite to a fault In the summer of 2009, a journalist friend phoned and asked for recommendations. His newspaper had told him to profile...

OBOR: For India it’s a road to subjugation

Saturday, 06 May 2017 | Ashok Malik | in Edit

The end-goal of OBOR is to establish Chinese mastery over oceans and connectivity routes across Asia and between Asia and Europe. It is premised on an American vacation of strategic space in the coming 20 years As the Chinese prepare to host...

The City of Questions and Few Answers

Saturday, 22 Apr 2017 | Ashok Malik | in Edit

Does a single city like Delhi really need so many elected representatives and so many layers of governance and authority? If it has 70 MLAs and a State regime as well, does it need municipal corporations too? On Sunday, April 23, Delhi votes in municipal elections. What used to be just...

Uttar Pradesh: Riddle wrapped in mystery...

Saturday, 25 Feb 2017 | Ashok Malik | in Edit

It is not that the BJP has not made mistakes in elections since 2014, but it has learned from its mistakes and has not repeated the same errors. This is apparent in Uttar Pradesh. The rest is for March 11 to tell us It’s almost a parlour game in Delhi these...

Leadership is not an entitlement to be had

Saturday, 11 Feb 2017 | Ashok Malik | in Edit

Where and how the AIADMK conflict will conclude, cannot be forecast. When it does, it will throw up an organic leader who will capture the political turf and will do so by virtue of his/her political skills It is fairly obvious that any resolution to the AIADMK crisis will be short-lived....

Sansad Marg: A road that leads nowhere?

Saturday, 17 Dec 2016 | Ashok Malik | in Edit

We live in an age of politics as event management and drama. Politicians have a fishbowl existence and are under constant scrutiny, under pressure to perform, like actors pushed to respond in a particular manner In Parliament earlier this week, BJP veteran LK Advani lost his temper and expressed his anguish...

Strange verdict that must be reversed

Saturday, 03 Dec 2016 | Ashok Malik | in Edit

The apex court’s National Anthem order is not only bizarre, but is un-implementable and unenforceable. It is expanding its role and deciding it is at once lawmaker, rule-enforcer, adjudicator, and now moral guardian It is only a matter of time before the Supreme Court ends up modifying its order to play...

In memory of a soldier and a great statesman

Saturday, 19 Nov 2016 | Ashok Malik | in Edit

Those of us who were privileged to know Lt Gen Srinivas Kumar will miss him. Those who didn't know him will never know what they missed. He lived more in one lifetime than most of us will in three There is no doubt that the passing of Lieutenant General Srinivas Kumar...

No-skin-in-the-game nationalism in obverse

Saturday, 22 Oct 2016 | Ashok Malik | in Edit

The frenzy created by a section of media about Karan Johar’s new film starring a Pakistani actor, sent out a wrong signal. If the film is banned or boycotted, at the end, the Indian tax-payer will lose, not any Pakistani Karan Johar’s new film, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, stars a Pakistani...

Of a humbug Left and the buffoonish Right

Saturday, 08 Oct 2016 | Ashok Malik | in Edit

The debate over what should be done to Pakistani artistes working in India or what they should do, in the prevailing atmosphere, goes on. Meanwhile, in the media and elsewhere, sanity not jingoism must prevail Should Pakistani film actors and musicians be prohibited from performing in India? If that question means...


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