Claude Arpi


Born in France, Claude Arpi is now settled in India. He is the author of several books on Tibet, China and India and a regularly contributor on Indo-French relations.

Young President with many old challenges

Thursday, 11 May 2017 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

It’s difficult to label Emmanuel Marcon as a Rightist or a Leftist. He himself would not wish to be categorised as it will hobble his functioning. India, meanwhile, has every reason to look forward to enhanced bilateral ties France has decided. By default, some will say. After winning the most unexpected...

Chinese adventurism and the Tibet factor

Thursday, 04 May 2017 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

Had China extended the 1962 war against India, it would have had to battle it out at various fronts simultaneously. The situation in Tibet was grim and a power tussle was on within the ruling party The Dalai Lama, Beijing’s bÍte noire, was recently awarded the Professor ML Sondhi Prize for...

The Xinjiang takeover: China’s master-stroke

Thursday, 20 Apr 2017 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

By taking over Xinjiang, communist China controlled the western borders of the Middle Kingdom, access trade with Central Asia, block any possibility of Soviet advance, and come in contact with Indian frontiers Xinjiang, China’s western province, has often been in the news during the last few months, mainly due to instability...

The Chinese and their bogus tall assertions

Thursday, 06 Apr 2017 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

Listening to Chinese diplomats like Ma, who warned of consequences for India, it would seem as if Tawang and Arunachal have always belonged to China. The fact is that such claims had been an after-thought Chinese diplomats seem to become more and more ‘undiplomatic’, not to say ‘uncivilised’. Take Ma Zhanwu,...

We shut our eyes once, let’s not do so again

Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

Nobody dares to question the viability of President Xi Jinping's dream of a ‘Revitalised China' through the mammoth OBOR initiative. But all the ancient trade routes between India and Central Asia remain closed China is pressing India to jump on board the mega One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. The Global...

Gullible innocents, or willing propagandists?

Thursday, 09 Mar 2017 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

The publication of pro-China articles by the India media raises two questions: First, why are Indian journalists propagating stories planted by Beijing? Second, can the Chinese be trusted even after they have signed a deal? In 2003, the Central Military Commission (CMC) of the Communist Party of China approved a ‘guiding...

Defence Minister India should not have had

Thursday, 23 Feb 2017 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

The Himalayan blunders of Krishna Menon are many. He humiliated competent Armed Forces’ officers and backed his cronies, though they were less capable. One of the results was India’s humiliation in the 1961 war It is impossible to rewind history. What happened has happened. It is, however, always possible to learn...

China’s new-found but fake love for religion

Thursday, 09 Feb 2017 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

Double standards on religion is not new in China. In 2016, while people were forced to attend a Kalachakra initiation in Tibet, devotees were threatened if they participated in a similar ceremony being held in India Today’s world is confusing. Take China. It is an atheist Marxist regime, with a strong...

Smell the coffee along the China border

Thursday, 26 Jan 2017 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

While Beijing has been pressing with remarkable speed in developing infrastructure along its borders with India, the latter has shown equally remarkable laxity over the same. Hopefully, things will now change The Army Commanders’ Conference was recently held at the Indian Military Academy at Dehradun. Led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,...

Confronting a phase of political anitya

Thursday, 12 Jan 2017 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

This year, the international scene will witness, if not global ‘impermanence’, at least a sea of changes. World leaders, be it Chinese, Russian, French or American, will have to learn to live with anitya (impermanence) More than 2,500 years ago, Lord Buddha spoke of ‘impermanence’ oranitya in Sanskrit. For the sage,...


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